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Re: FIFA 18
« Reply #135 on: December 22, 2017, 11:05:11 pm »
Have played very little again this week.
Managed to pack IF Petersen from my pre reward packs on Monday. Have also completed several teams in the various league SBC and have packed absolutely nothing of note at all. Not even getting any 83s at all. Marquee matchups was extremely profitable. Had 9 Wycombe players that all sold at 8.3k per card. Also sold 7 Coventry players for 2.3k or so a piece. Not bad at all! Also a couple of players I had for the Mexican clubs needed sold for 5-6k. Only ended up doing two of the four sbcs. The Futmas daily ones have given nothing at all and haven't done a single Futmas player SBC yet.

The one Futmas card I do have though, is Andy Carroll. Managed to score the three headers and complete the other two objectives in just three online single games. All I played were terrible opponents with standard Premier League 4321 pace teams. The final match, the opponent had gold attribute cards in every player! In a single match. LOL! Enjoyed completely smashing him, I must admit. Apart from those games, played a couple in the dkt last night and won with some decent stuff, but had no motivation to carry on and try and win the tournament. No interest in playing weekend league at all.