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Author Topic: FIFA 18  (Read 1390 times)


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Re: FIFA 18
« Reply #150 on: January 26, 2018, 08:08:16 am »
Not posted much at all recently but this game seriously now is just at an all time low. Never really been one for the handicap/momentum stuff, until last year where at times it was blatently obvious that stuff was going on. Always thought that sliders were being changed ingame, but the way it works this year is a complete joke. God forbid you go a couple of goals up. The way your players struggle to turn, have awful touches, cannot play a two yard pass, it's just so blatent. Completely outplay someone and suddenly their goalkeeper turns into an unbeatable wall. Then suddenly together with the way your players turn so sluggish, as a Bergkamp is hit by the sliders and turned into a slow 60 rated League 2 player and every opponent suddenly has the ability to intercept every ball and kill it stone dead so that it is glued to his foot. It's just absolutely pathetic. And when this is happening you know that one shot, however bad on your goal will be a goal. Doesn't matter if it's straight at him, he'll find a way to save it with one hand and bat it into the goal with the other. And after watching the opposing keeper pulling off point blank miracle saves when the ball has already gone past him. Just no. They've gone so far overboard with that sort of stuff this year that it's absolutely laughable. It's like playing bloody Mario Kart where if you go in front then suddenly you get overtaken even when going at full speed. The game in my eyes has become a flat out joke this year. It is absolutely pathetic how this mess is going to be showcased as an esport in Barcelona this weekend. It has become even more about abusing mechanics and luck in matches between similar standard players. There is just no point in buying expensive players if the game is going to cut them down to a taxi driver in the park on a Sunday morning type levels whilst your opponents shitty Premier League side get boosted to keep people from getting constantly beaten and keep the cash coming to EA 's pockets. The game is a shambles right now.

On Monday I decided to chuck in 11 duplicates o off my trade pile and do a TOTW upgrade pack and submitted it with less than 2 minutes to spare. Got TIF Son! A couple of hours later, I got the free pack for playing 20 games, the first pack since the Son pack and got Kante! Decided to open some 400 coin bronze packs. Third one of those I somehow managed to get the silver IF Brazillian LW. Not bad luck! But what's the point?
Have won the dkt , battling through the BS this week so have qualified for the Weekend League, but would rather slit my wrists than play that.