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Author Topic: FIFA 18  (Read 1381 times)


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Re: FIFA 18
« Reply #165 on: July 01, 2018, 12:35:41 am »
I got a crazily stacked club, especially considering I haven't played Weekend League apart from one week since October, and at my highest amount, only had half of what I had gathered coin wise by TOTS last year. I have a very high number of the League and Nation SBC players but I don't know. I just don't want to play the game. When I do, I still want to mix in rarely used and/or lower rated players. Last week in one of the three games I played, Max Kruse completely destroyed a full La Liga 90 rated squad. In the other two I used full French teams to complete the six assists with French players weekly objective. In both games with that I won 5-0 both times. The team played like an absolute dream. But still I just don't really care anymore.
This morning I did this weeks Marquee Matchups from the players already in my club and duplicates on my trade pile. Packed one of the special World Cup boosted players, the Saudi guy from La Liga. In the past I would have been using him in some sort of team ASAP. This year I simply switched off and played Fortnite instead. Got two solo second places and then a squad win with two ex Fifa friends. Was intense with two crazy battles with people attacking from all sides and us somehow surviving. Fortnite and EA have killed Fifa 18 stone dead.