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What's everyones take on this

Do you think Icon's are replacing Legends or an addition and if so does this mean that PS will only have new Icon's and not the past years legends ??

From what I've heard its just a rebranding of the legends. Both consoles will now be the same as the 4 year exclusive deal with Xbox has now expired.

If I do get it, it'll be the standard version. Not messing with the 'free' packs versions. Nice to have R9 in the game though

From the ea play event. Looks pretty much the same. Slight tweaks promising better performance *cough bull$hit cough*

Delay to be a thing of the past...... allegedly  :-\

The journey pt 2. Meh. Alex hunter can go take a dump elsewhere for me. Uninteresting. Its a football game ffs, not an episode of footballers wifes

4 New icons announced on Monday

its been a while, how is everybody? hope all is well ...

heard of those icons, and the first 5 are maradona, ronaldo nazario, pele, zidane and henry.
guess those are replacing legends and will be x platform.

i would love to have those in the kick off mode tough, as i do play in a local fifa draft league.

next year, i might dive back into the fut, but all those 40 games a weekend thing is too much for me. no time !

Just checked the e-mails and I got the beta code.  Starts tomorrow at 5pm, so will see if there is any fuss to report.

Will stick on here any notable screen grabs or vids


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