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Author Topic: FUT Champions 2018  (Read 2071 times)


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Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: October 08, 2017, 09:59:58 pm »
It's been pretty dreadful stuff. I'm at 16-16 so should make Gold 3 but the state of the games of so bad.

All games are basically the same. Opponent just first time passes all the way forwards to his front three and then through ball. Doesn't matter where they're facing in relation to the pass. Any trash player can play a ball like that perfectly yet a player with 90 short passing messes up a 5 yard pass unpressured in a natural direction more often. Eventually three tackles in a row will bounce straight back to them somehow. Their keeper (normally Begovic) will make insane saves and you'll end up losing despite having the vast majority of play and four times more shots.

You'll battle to equalise and then the absolute shambolic mechanics after kick off will gift them a goal when they can pass around you unresponsive players. God forbid you make a tackle, because it'll put them in an even stronger position to score.

Refereeing has reached silly levels. Four times I've mistimed tackles in the box and not given away the most blatant penalty ever. You can get absolutely smashed but they give nothing. It's just madness. I'm picking up way less cards than last year because they call absolutely nothing at times.

The game is just inane mindless bullshit most of the time. If you get an opponent trying to play then as ever, it is very good, but the way the game allows people to play with little penalty and maximum reward is an utter joke. I don't see why people that play the same old nonsense need to have coins for an Icon Ronaldo or Ronaldinho or Henry or whatever. All they need is Izquierdo, Andre Gray and some other crap, and low driven it across the keeper after continuous spamming of through balls. Literally makes no difference at all.

I suppose the best way is just to try and play your game and it will probably become easier to stop over time. But when they play a hopeful, complete hit and hope, weak foot through ball from their CB and you are controlling the covering defender, but he refuses to move in any direction except slowly backwards as the ball rolls about 1 foot either side of him, and straight to an onrushing Musa to score and it just happens to be the 90th minute then I don't even know how EA get away with this year after year.

As ever it will be a constant battle to over come BS for the entire year, but with the boosts IF's are already getting, then by May, god knows how many random players will have cards that basically have 99 in every stat.

The game on release had promise, but a lot of stupid stuff that needed fixing. Now we just have a slight tweak on Fifa 17 and an equal, if not more, helping of BS. Same thing happens every year, only this year they've done it in record time.

Will be back tonight to somehow grind out two wins from 8 remaining games.