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Author Topic: FUT Champions 2018  (Read 2071 times)


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Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: October 09, 2017, 10:53:38 am »
Got to Gold 3 with 5 games to spare, but the motivation to play it any more was non existent. The state of the game now is probably the most broken they've ever allowed it to become. Well, maybe that's a bit unfair. They have a proper offline mode, sbc's updating regularly (although I'm being very selective over these at the moment. A lot of them are not worth the value of the players needed and with no rewards yet, my club is not flush with players yet), it's online gameplay where the problems are. We've had some awful stuff before such as the KSI kick off that we learnt to deal with for the most part, but this is different.
Literally everything that was bad last year is magnified, but now there through balls are just a joke. Probably over 80% of my games were spent dealing with the exact form of attack literally all game. And since the patch, the AI defending is back so park the bus is back also. There's been games where the opponents have a 50 yard gap between there attack and the other 8 players. When you try to play football against it, your midfield naturally push up, so its just a big no mans land in the middle of the pitch. You lose the ball, and it's an instant driven pass forward and one two through ball. The game has just turned into a complete joke.

Once games start being released in the run up to Christmas like CoD, I can see a lot of people leaving this unless they do something. This is going to be the year that they totally mess it up without doubt.

Last year, I believe that one person got 40-0 over both consoles. This year, there were 25 on PS4 hours ago. Apparently if you bring up the dashboard and go into a party, it disconnects the game without penalty. Works on both consoles. State of this game!