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Author Topic: FUT Champions 2018  (Read 2071 times)


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Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: October 09, 2017, 04:34:26 pm »
Well gents.  My initial enjoyment of the game came to a shuddering halt with the advent of weekend league

Pre patch, great.  Shrug off the EA sponsored bull$hit and keep moving on.  Post patch, or as I like to call it, the 'EA script patch for those who are crap at the game so we'll give them a fighting chance patch' total revert back to FIFA 17. Why EA, why??

Anyways, weekend league.  Started off all positive and excited.  4-1 start.  Not bad, could this be the breakout year? Nah.  Quickly through the surge of brown stuff, back to level par (5-5).  Sick as F###

This became 7-10. Vomit inducing some of the absolute garbage of KO glitch, 45th + 10min goals and likewise 90th min.  It amazes me that no one at EA who plays this can not see the massive chunk of time that gets added onto the ends of halves and address it.

Back to my Alex Hunter..  I preceded, although playing well, to lose the next 9 on the spin.  Quite how my controller, Console or TV survived that run I'll never know.  Good job the kids were out too.  Surprised the neighbours didn't call the police.  the amount of colourful language being used at increasing volume throughout yesterday afternoon  ;D

Actually then won a couple after a bit of a break.  (9-19). Worst record ever in champs. 12 games to go.  After another break for food, came back to finish this nightmare.  Lost (9-20).  Just about crying at this point.  Put the kids to bed and sat in the chair dumbfounded.  Did a few gold UG sbc's and a few SQB to feel whats its like to win again.

Prior to starting champs, I had a positive record by about 20 or so.  Not really a record watcher, but it was nice to have something which after a poor start last year I didn't think id have again.  Slowly watching this dwindle away almost sucked the life out of me.  Changed from my tried and trusted 4312 and went 4321, a formation I just couldn't make work previously.  My front 3 off chem which just irritates me.  Messed on with custom tactics (which I think is purely a placebo) and took out my 2 defensive midfielders for more attack minded ones with the 'f### it' attitude......

Won the next 8 in a row (17-20)  :o Game felt fluid. Players were pressing to get the ball back.  Constant never say die attitude.  Even playing what I would call good players, I was getting the rub of the green in all games.  Pen shootouts, last min, whatever BS had happened to me prior was now going for me.  I felt genuinely sorry for those who I was playing.  Then lost 1 in an epic proper football game.  No EA BS, just good football. Messaged the guy thanking him for the best game this weekend (17-21).

Next up a solid Bundes team with messers Werner, Bellerabi and OTW Yarmalenko up top.  down 2-1 deep in the 80+ min.  Took off Jesus for Ibra, all out attack.  Scramble one home in the 89th from a corner.  We share one each in ET and are down to pens.

I miss one of the first 5, he has his final kick to win.  Saves.  This happens a couple times more in sudden death.  We get to go round again, and finally I win 10-9.... the scenes  :o :o :o The impossible magic 18.

Great 'story'. And there in lies the problem for us FUT mortals.  Outside of the pros, the game feels like a total movie script, sucking you in, spitting you out with the grand finale of the redemption or the hero falling on his sword bittersweet ending.

Mad, mad game.....  On to next week  :P