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Author Topic: FUT Champions 2018  (Read 2071 times)


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Re: FUT Champions 2018
« Reply #150 on: November 21, 2017, 02:54:15 am »
With my Christmas shifts all but done one month earlier than a normal year and only having to work Wednesday and Thursday before things are back to normal next Monday, this morning seemed like a decent time to try and get through the utter nonsense this game throws at you and get back into the game. After a very light week of Fifa by my standards, I went into the daily knockout. Went in with a French 352 and it was bad. After ditching the 352 a quarter of the way into the weekend league ten days ago, I remembered why. My defence felt non existent. It's weird because before the last patch, 352 felt quite solid and I enjoyed it. But since then have just let in the stupidest goals imaginable with it. Despite the guy not being very good, I lost 3-2 to one triple rebound/deflection monstrosity and two other goals where I had no defence at all.

After that switched things up and looking at what I had in my club, decided to build two 4411 teams. Seen somewhere that it was ok this year, and being similar to 4231(2) which I've used the most over the past year, gave it a go. Ended up with a full German and full French team, as per the requirements.
First game, a Mario Gomez hattrick gave me an easy 5-2 win. Switched to the French team and goals from IF Alessandrini, purple Giroud and Ben Yedder gave me a comfortable 3-1 win. Into the semi final and it was a stroll. Another hattrick from Mario Gomez helped me to a 6-0 victory.
Into the final and I was faced with a Brazilian team with Gabriel Jesus upfront and was soon 2-0 down. Got back to 2-2 went to 2-3 in the second half, back to 3-3 but conceded again straight away but pulled it back to 4-4 on 86 minutes. Into extra time and I went 5-4 up but again, got pegged back to 5-5 on 118 minutes. This being Fifa though, the scoring wasn't done. In the 120th minute (what else?), I had a shot saved but the ball fell to Ben Yedder for a 6-5 win. The hero of the match though was purple Giroud who ended with four goals and two assists.
Have had fun with him in the 42 games he's played. Has just under 40 goals. Can feel totally useless at times, miss controlling simple balls and messing stuff up, but the goals he scores tend to be first time bullet shots in the penalty area, or just putting an unstoppable rocket past the keeper from the edge of the box when you take optimistic shots. Just seems like he has a completely separate shooting system to any other player!

This wasn't the end of things though. There was a 5k gold pack to open. Incredibly, there was a Buffon waiting to walk out and give me an extra 53.5k!

This means I'm going to try out a couple 4411 teams in seasons either tonight or most likely tomorrow. Made a couple of teams with Bergkamp at CF in both and a collection of random mainly discard IF's around him in both teams. Will see if it's a viable formation, although I suspect the lack of a CDM may leave you open to the one two through ball pace merchant counter attack 4321 and 41212(2) that inhabit this game.