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Author Topic: FUT Champions 2018  (Read 2104 times)


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Re: FUT Champions 2018
« Reply #180 on: December 16, 2017, 09:10:10 pm »
Yeah mate ... I'm struggling.

The defensive AI on my players is just shocking. Icon CB's 87 Desailly and 88 Ferdinand - go missing at times just like 80-rated NIF's. This game is so geared to scoring goals that the attacking AI trumps the defensive ... multiple times over.

Amount of goals I'm conceding with

I was done for the evening when the kid came through - said he'd play a game. The utter BS in the game was hilarious watching as a non-player - had to laugh. Absolutely smashes the guy, but him conceding a penalty, then his keeper going down to save only for the ball to roll over the keeper's hand. He's leading to concede another laughable goal and game goes to penalties.

I take over - dive the right way all 5 times - only for the keeper to constantly dive over it or like one, dived into the net - with the ball. Simple garbage stuff ... and that was him done for another week after that one game.

With that last loss I think the record is something like 10-9 so far. Still have the 2 full days to play so will take it easy. Not sure why I do this though ... insanity.