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So how's everyone doing?

It's horrible for me. Currently 4-6. Would snatch your hand off if you offered me Gold 3 right now!
Didn't think it possible, but it's even worse than last year. This new patch has brought back PTB again. So much more viable with the changes. Long shots worse, AI defenders stronger again, keepers able to turn out Butlandesque performances. Every team is pure pace and attempting to attack with just three players with everyone else defending. Through ball and 180 degree passes are still stupidly OP so they will normally score somehow.

The absolute worst thing is the amount of goals scored straight from kick off. I'm not talking about zigzagging straight through. It just seems that 80% of the time, the side kicking off can pass about and with the way that the AI of both teams act, create a clear scoring chance. This was glaringly obvious last year, but is just a joke this year, even worse.  At least one or two goals straight from kick off every game.

I had an unfortunate start as well. First game was in extra time and my Playstation just decides to eject the disc, causing the game to crash. The thing turned itself on in the middle of the night doing this as well. It's a well known problem due to an over sensitive eject button. On the advise of a Pro clubs team mate, i gave the console a massive clean and have raised it by propping it up with DVD boxes so that the eject button has a couple of centremetres of nothing between it and the table.

Hopefully tomorrow goes better, although it normally takes me a couple of months at least to be able to win more than I lose so as I say, would love to somehow make Gold 3.

Probably as frustrated as you mate! Think I was 2-3 last night when I turned it off in the next game. Was tilted pretty quickly though and decided I'd had enough.

Not sure how it'll go today ... trepidation ... ::)

Yep ... afternoon session - should have avoided it. Losing to 3 shots on target = 3 goals, of course.

Switched off the console at 3-7 and had some family time.

Night session finished - around 10:30 PM now) - 10-10. Goals galore - of course! Pjanic with 3 goals and 4 assists in the last 2 games (6-2 win and 5-1 RQ in 70th min); Mbappe with 5 goals & 3 assists. Games like that make it easier, but there are some that stresses one out - struggling to manage with the utter BS.

What's new, hey?!?!

I unluckily lost my first game this morning, but won the next three, every one of them against the front three of Izquierdo - Musa - Walcott. All easy games against three equally clueless opponents. That puts me 7-7. Will see how it continues this evening.......

Played two more this afternoon and have moved on to five straight wins, putting me at 9-7.


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