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Author Topic: FUT Champions Cup  (Read 4909 times)


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Re: FUT Champions Cup
« Reply #1140 on: August 17, 2017, 09:26:53 pm »
Maybe my break of barely playing for a couple of weeks was what was needed. Been enjoying playing a but more recently, including the weekend league last weekend!
Had a go at the daily tournament quite late on on Tuesday night as I've been playing Until Dawn for the past few days. Not bad for a PS+ freebie! Made a couple of random teams and after a tough 1st round, strolled to the final with two more easier wins. Went to play the final and EA had disabled match making in preparation for a three hour scheduled maintenance! Nice of them to warn that it was coming. No FUT birthday player for me then.

Last night, decided to go back to my crazy team days! Picked two lots of three random goal players using the FUThead randomiser and put them into two 100 chem, all players on 9 or higher teams.
The first team contained a Spanish 2nd division 47 pace 75 rated CB, Toni Kroos and Ilicic, the Slovinian CF with mad long shots in Serie A. I may have cheated a little and used my TOTY Kroos and picked up IF Ilicic for false 9.
The second team though I wasn't so lucky and had to use Markovic, Locadia and Lemoine. All 76 rated! Put them into a 4231(2) and went into the cup. Reached the semi final but lost 4-3 to a full red team from a 90th minute goal during which my CB I wasn't controlling just decided to turn and run off out of the box for no reason and leave a player unmarked.

The second run saw two 5-0 wins and I'm in the semi final again........