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Author Topic: FUT Champions Cup  (Read 4919 times)


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Re: FUT Champions Cup
« Reply #1140 on: August 18, 2017, 08:43:48 am »
My gold 2 rewards were predictably awful! Got absolutely nothing of any note at all. Was hoping for maybe an Eriksson, Rooney or Neymar from the TOTW but that was never going to happen.......
Went on to the Marquee Matchups which were very easy again. It has been kind of annoying that they seem to be giving the constantly awful Rare Gold Packs for each match recently. I've opened a lot of them from rewards and MM's and they never give anything.......
Suddenly when opening one of the rare gold packs, there was a huge pause. Expected some like Fabregas, an IF flare....... Danish flag and out walked 89 Eriksson! WTF?! I'll take it though! Managed to pack a duplicate IF Cahill as the 84+ IF.

Played the rest of the cup with my very random teams that I made yesterday. Also a rule was that I had to use players in my club to fill in the gaps around the 3 random players which made for some very strange looking teams. After two 5-0 wins in the first two games, I went into the semi final against some standard Premier League stacked team. The usual suspects, of course Son, Smalling and Walker and co, special cards all round and many of them red. Expected to get destroyed with my 4231(2) with a front four of Elia, Toornstra, Locadia and Markovic, with Lemoine and Huddlestone behind!
What followed was the most one sided 40 minutes of Fifa ever! I destroyed him! Somehow I only managed one goal on 22 minutes, but after a complete battering he just quit. I'd forgotten how easily that happens when winning while using a ridiculous team!
The final was crazy. Played a 352 La Liga side, again with mostly special cards all round. Again, the game only lasted around 40 minutes, and again I played some good stuff, but this time had piled up 4 goals. The first two great finishes with Ronaldo, who the opponent was obviously **** scared of by the way he played when I got the ball to him. Two more outstanding strikes followed from TOTY Kroos and IF Badelli and that was that. No goals conceded in the four games, and 15 scored in the equivalent of less than three games in match time. If only this sort of form (and decent game play and connection) could have occurred more regularly during Fifa 17.

If I play the weekend league, tempted to take in random teams to see what happens, although the 75 rated, 47 pace Spanish CB would probably get destroyed!