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Author Topic: FUT Champions Cup  (Read 4909 times)


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Re: FUT Champions Cup
« Reply #1140 on: August 19, 2017, 08:47:42 pm »
Won't be playing a full weekend league this time around so just put together a couple of very highly rated teams from players in my club (91 and 92 rated!), but in the 433(5) formation. This was my favourite formation for the past couple of years, but struggled with it at the start this year, so stopped using it and found success with 4231(2). Recently have used the false 9 in the tournaments and Division 1 and had much better results so time to try it weekend league!

Only have played three games so far. The first game was a good tight match. It could have gone either way, but the opponent scored when three tackles rebounded straight to him and the resulting save by my goalkeeper fell kindly. His keeper then pulled off some blinding saves and I lost 1-0. A couple of months back this would have tilted me, but I just laughed it off and carried on.
The next game was insane. I completely destroyed the opponent, winning 6-0, but it could have been twice that! He had red and TOTS reward cards, so couldn't have been that bad. Was totally ripping the guy apart with my 92 rated team. Goals were from SBC Suarez 2, SBC Lahm, IF Bale and Ronaldo 2.
The third game was back to my Premier League false 9 that lost the first game, but this time it faired a lot better. Managed to get two with my red 92 Pogba in a one sided first half. That was enough for the opponent.
Ended up 2-1 from my three games. Not sure how many more I'll play. Not much time today and not sure if I'll have much time tomorrow. Have worked out that the new internet I have works great during the day until about 6 and then is dodgy until about 10 at night and then plays well again.