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New thread for all things learned...

Custom tactics, skills and tutorials on these, on any other FIFA elements..

Starting with Otuts post today:

--- Quote from: otutsarTR on March 05, 2014, 01:22:51 am ---

some skills, tutorials... for the ones like me who are not aware of those...

--- End quote ---

How to implement custom tactics.

--- Quote from: TWS001 on March 04, 2014, 08:09:16 am ---To make or update tactics or view what one each club team uses, just start a single player match on the main Fifa menu you get when the game loads. Once you've chosen team go into team management. One of those options that appears is Custom tactics. Here you can make them and save them. To assign them to your dpad, go to quick tactics and you can assign up to 4 of your saved ones to replace the Possession, Counter Attack, and other two preset ones you have.

This is useful reading about custom tactics on the darkside:

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--- Quote from: Nophut on March 04, 2014, 08:09:40 am ---
Go to the Customize tab in the main menu > Edit Teams > Team Management
Choose the team you want (any)
There you will find custom tactics, and you can edit the numbers to your liking.
After you are satisfied with your custom tactic, save it to an empty slot.

Assigning the custom tactic

Go back to team management screen and then select Quick Tactics.
Select an arrow to assign your custom tactic to, for example ↓, and select the custom tactic you just created.
After you selected it, you will see your custom tactic appear next to the ↓ arrow.

Using the custom tactic

After assigning the custom tactic, you're ready to use it in a game!
During the game press down on the D-pad, bringing up 4 options for your custom tactics.
We just assigned our Custom Tactic to the ↓ arrow, so we press ↓ on the D-pad one more time to select the custom tactic. You will see it being Highlighted and you're ready to go!

--- End quote ---

Custom Tactics from TWS

--- Quote from: TWS001 on March 03, 2014, 10:00:38 am ---
--- Quote from: gladiatorrrrrr on March 03, 2014, 09:25:13 am ---good to hear TWS

will you share your custom tactics with us?  ;)

--- End quote ---

Speed - 34
Passing - 23
Positioning - Free Form

Chance Creation

Passing - 85
Crossing - 40
Shooting - 60
Positioning - Free Form


Pressure - 15
Aggression - 55
Team Width - 50

Think this why I'm loving all these Italian CM's. They seem perfect with it. IF Aquilani, Montolivio, IF Cigarini, Marchisio, and the foreign Serie A CM's, Borja Valero and Pizarro. Looking at IF Conti next and also IF Borja Valero, if he gets cheaper when the upgrades come. They all have great passing and good work rates for the 433(4) apart from Valero maybe,and can set any of the more advaced players loose in an instant. They can also hit great long shots.
Has anyone used IF Conti? Seems like a great deep playmaker and will be decent hopefully in 433(5) which I want to attempt at some point. Would probably suit Borja Valero a bit better as well in 433(5) as one of the CM's in that.
Do we have a tactics, work rates and formation thread to get deep into this sort of thing?

--- End quote ---

Has anyone else had any luck, or felt their play, especially attack wise because we know how random the defensive AI can be, has improved using custom tactics?
I have never ever touched them until around Christmas, and the difference is huge when you get a tactic that suits you. I really would recommend persevering with them and keep tweaking one until you get it right.
Also I think getting good work rates in the right positions is very important. A H/M CM can be immense in one formation but a liability in another.

As you know TW, I have tried them, but only for a couple of games, with the Turtle Tourney sides.  Didn't have much luck.

I wonder if the formation makes a big difference also.

As always with FUT, there are so many variables it's sometimes hard to know which one is / how many are broken..

I will persevere.

You have been using 433 predominantly with these customisations haven't you?


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