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UT14 chem styles/system etc.

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BAS - Basic = +1 all base stats
SEN - Sentinel = +3 DEF +3 HEA
GRD - Guardian = +3 DRI +3 DEF
GLA - Gladiator = +3 SHO +3 DEF
BAC - Backbone = +2 PAS +2 DEF +2 HEA
ANC - Anchor = +2 PAC +2 DEF +2 HEA
ART - Artist = +3 PAS +3 DRI
ARC - Architect = +3 PAS +3 HEA
PWR - Powerhouse = +3 PAS +3 DEF
MAE - Maestro = 2+ SHO 2+ PAS 2+ DRI
ENG - Engine =+2 PAC +2 PAS +2 DRI
SNI - Sniper = +3 SHO +3 DRI
FIN - Finisher = +3 SHO +3 HEA
EYE - Deadeye = +3 SHO +3 PAS
MRK - Marksman = +2 SHO +2 DRI +2 HEA
HWK - Hawk = +2 PAC +2 SHO +2 HEA
HUN - Hunter = +3 PAC +3 SHO
CTA - Catalyst = +3 PAC +3 PAS
SHA - Shadow = +3 PAC + 3 DEF

GK Chemistry Styles
BAS - GK Basic = +1 all stats
SLD - Shield = +2 KIC +2 REF +2 SPD
WAL - Wall = +2 DIV +2 HAN +2 KIC
CAT - Cat = +2 REF +2 SPD +2 POS
GLO - Glove = +2 DIV +2 HAN +2 POS

The boost is dependent on a weighted average of Individual and Team Chemistry. In order to achieve the maximum boost AVAILABLE for the chemistry style, 10 Individual Chemistry in a 100 Team Chemistry team is required.

Specific values of the boost are not visible in the in-game stats, and not available.

10 individual chem + 100 team chem means the maximum listed boost will be applied. Anything less than that will presumably reduce the in game stat boost. The +1/+2/+3 boost does not actually mean anything, it's just an indicator of the size of the boost and where it will be applied.

Effects of less than 10 chem on chem style:

Ok gents, the full guide has been posted on EAs forum.
To me it seems as if it has all been overcomplicated in it's description. Here's what I understand to be the basic necessary info.

Links = league/club/nation connections between players. Lines = the connections between positions in the formation.

Bonuses come from manager, +1 (league OR nation link, the bonuses do not stack up) and Loyalty +1 (after 10 games).

Full chem + no bonuses is 9.

To reach 9 chem without bonuses you need an equal or slightly greater number of links to the player than the number of lines going into the position.

To reach 10 chem without bonuses you need 1.6x the number of links to lines.

Nation = 1.
League = 1.
Club = 1.

Further complications arise from wrong position but we're all used to that. If you want 10 chem on a player, you need to follow the old formula of links to lines, with the new numerical value on links, and the +1 bonus from the manager or loyalty.
If you have a player on 9 with no dead links it's because his total link 'value' is less than 1.6 x the positions lines. League or nation manager bonus will bring him to 10.

This actually simplifies things a little because with the manager + loyalty bonus of +2, you can now bring a related position/insufficiently linked player from 8 chem to 10 by applying them both rather than relying on double links like in the old system.

Here is the full guide, should you wish to melt your brain.

Following table might still be of some use to people.

What is the Effect on Chemistry When Placing a Player Out of Position? 
Players can be placed out of position, but this will impact the player's Individual Chemistry. The table below lists the maximum chemistry each player position (in GREEN) can achieve when out of position. RED represents the Individual Chemistry value without bonuses applied. BLUE represents the Individual Chemistry value with both bonuses applied.

Ok, no full guide just yet, should be tomorrow but here's something that has slightly pissed me off given some of the things that I know so far.

The team....

The chem...

Obviously some of the lower chem numbers are due to the missing player and the position changes required. However, the striker is on 9 because you now need a manager/loyalty bonus for 10 unless you have double the links required, like the old orange icon system.
So, the whole attack and mid will be 9 until a) they've played 10 games together or b) I have an American manager with a Bundes2 league conversion on him. The defence naturally have double links so are all 10.

The Problem. There are no American managers.
So basically I have to play 10 games with this team before they get full chem.

I think that sucks dried monkey balls.

Yeah Cuz - was happy to see that when I added in Scifo.

So ... I bought an Argy bronze manager, from the Swiss league (::)) ... First screen shot is with the Bronze Argy & the 2nd is with Scifo (Belgian manager in Pro League). Nice to see my out-of-position CAMs on 9 chem. Playing 10 games & getting them the loyalty boost will hopefully get them to 10 chem & therefore no need for CAM-CM converstions! Voila!

I'll say it again ... it's going to be interesting building hybrids due to the manager influence. One thing for sure ... manager's are going to be more expensive.

Hmmm Cuz. I don't agree with you here - yup ... think this is a first. I actually like this aspect of the game now. Build teams where players can be on 8 chem, get in an appropriate manager & they're on 9, 10 games later they're on 10.

In my situation that's 2x CAM-CM cards - 14-16k in UT13!

10 games ... that's not too hard. Given that there are no formation cards, that point will be moot a few weeks into the game. The ONLY reason I moved players in & out, was due to the damn formation. Now, we'll keep a single instance of a player for ages.


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