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General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: Today at 02:39:34 am »
From the 125k pack, I got TOTS Hutchinson. The next highest rated player was Monreal!
Put Hutchinson and my untradable silver TOTS Angel into the SBC and came out with some one pointless. I opened it last night and honestly can't remember who it was now!

Have added TOTS Vertongen in place of IF Kompany in my Premier League side. Have 3.3m still to spend. I'd guess that the time to buy is between now and rewards tomorrow evening, so will probably buy a load of high rated player very soon......

Just need 6 wins this weekend for Gold 2 monthly. Might just get though wins and be done with weekend league for Fifa 17. Will stick with the daily tournaments and seasons. Have had two games to get one win to reach Division 1 for ages. Played this morning as I won't need to free pass to weekend league. Got the win with a 1-0 win. James Milner scoring a great goal from LB. No lag at all, so hopefully this will continue for Division 1.

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: Yesterday at 07:37:14 am »
I didn't have any luck with the tournament pack. A Belgian walkout but not the one I would have wanted. Tielemens.

Winning the final of the cup was a complete grind. Was 2-0 down in 14 minutes after two defenders auto lunged and totally screwed me over. A Lewandowski penalty and header got me back to 2-2 by the half hour. Spent ages attacking and was completely on top but he got another from nowhere on 70 minutes. Then the time wasting began! Shielding in the corner over and over and just couldn't get the ball. Eventually stole it on 90, broke and TOTS Stindl ended up making it 3-3. My substitute Pogba got a nice 4th on 100 minutes.
I had kick off for the second half. He didn't touch the ball again........

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: June 27, 2017, 12:09:41 am »
It's laughable how they can even consider this mess as an esport!

After selling my remaining TOTS cards that I used for the weekend league, I've made over 1.8 million coins from discard value ones. Have already made a few signings. Upgraded IF Plattenhardt and 86 Stindl to their TOTS cards. Also have bought the orange Walcott card in my search for a better Premier League RM. Have used a load of them but all are average at best. 86 Mkhitaryan was terrible this weekend, with 2 assists and no goals in 21 games! He did absolutely nothing. IF Zaha and IF Shaqiri were better but still not great. I guess some version of Willian and Mane or god forbid, IF Musa, are others if Walcott is as trash as his NIF.

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: June 26, 2017, 08:07:26 am »
I decided to play my last three games and see if I could get the two wins for Gold 2. First game was against a Serie A team for a change, and managed a 2-1 win. Next up played some filthy Butland, Smalling, Musa mess of a team. He was on park the bus and chasing back with Musa or Gabriel Jesus on defence for 120 minutes. Was nailed on penalty shoot out as he wasn't even attempting to commit any players to the attack. Of course this being Fifa, some stupid series of bounces in the 120th minute ended up with my goalkeeper palming it straight to his attacker and losing 1-0. Absolute joke.
Luckily I managed to keep it together for the final game and after being on top for 40 minutes, I went 1-0 up and he quit. A bit stupid, but I'll take it to finish 21-19. Only need 6 wins for gold 2 monthly next weekend if I get to play which is doubtful.

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: June 26, 2017, 08:00:15 am »
What on earth!?

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: June 26, 2017, 03:01:57 am »
It can be, but unfortunately less and less so.

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:24:51 am »
I got as bad as 10-15, this afternoon, but a six game winning run got things back on track. Got to 19 wins, which guarantees Gold 3 monthly, but doubt I'll play the remaining three games. Just can't be bothered. The game is worse no than 17 has ever been. Lobbed through balls seem to have returned massively this weekend. Coincidence or to do with the patch last week?

Got to 18-16, but quit the next two. First one I had 20 shots, 17 on goal, the opponent had 5 with three on goal. Ended 3-3. Butland of course, with Smalling doing the job of the entire back line, impossible blocks, steamrolling attackers without penalty. Obviously his scorer was Son with all three.
After Butland had made three saves in the penalty shoot out, and the opponent was about to shoot for the match, just switched off. **** him.
Next match, tackled the opponent SIX TIMES! Ball straight back to him every time and a goal. Console off.
Thankfully the last match went 2-0 up very quickly. The guy paused. Never have I will anyone to quit so much! Thankfully he did, and I was 19-18.

The game seems even worse than ever this weekend. Don't know what this patch has done, but it seems to have made things even worse than ever. Standard of play is even worse. Basically every team is now Son, Smalling, Butland and Walker without fail. I've lost count of the number of times tackles have bounced to put Son clean through or one pass from away, and he just runs through and low drive a it in.
The game is absolutely dreadful. If it wants to be an esport, it needs balancing big time. In what universe is Smalling, Son, Butland and co the greatest team? Passing is getting to be a lottery because eventually the game messes up, sends one nowhere near where you're aiming, and sends the opponents three attacks through to a three on two with one no look driven pass forwards.
Racking is also pointless. Just wack up the aggression and run into people. Tackles better than using the standing tackle button. It is seriously becoming a joke.

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: June 25, 2017, 07:28:45 pm »
Weekend league has been terrible so far. 9-11 so far. Honestly, the goals I'm conceding are laughable. It's got to the stage where tackling is pointless. It's a disadvantage pressing the standing tackle button.

General / Re: TOTS
« on: June 25, 2017, 07:25:33 pm »
Been using them in teams for the past month, have my coins, so now everything has dropped can buy who I want now. Had this exact plan because I fully expected these SBC's at some point.

General / Re: TOTS
« on: June 25, 2017, 10:48:46 am »
So since the start of TOTS, I've been buying pretty much every discard bronze, silver and gold card and had over 160 of them. With the current weekend league, i made a nice amount of coins on the silvers. And then the TOTS SBC's came..........

On Wednesday I had 30k coins, now I have 3.56m and can buy any card in the game. Made over 1.5m coins on discard TOTS cards. Now watch EA ban me for my coins going up so quickly!

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: June 23, 2017, 07:20:54 pm »
Just about managed to get Callejon from the tournament last night. Still had a load of goes left, buy on the last run time wise, I managed to blitz through the four games, ending with a 6-2 win in the final.

Have also made a lot of coins on selling some of my TOTS silvers. All were bought for 11k and was getting between 18-40k for them. The Belgium Pro League ones selling for most.

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: June 22, 2017, 06:04:44 pm »
Had a day off work yesterday, so after getting too obliterated by the crazy heat, I played some FIFA. Shouldn't have bothered. The servers that are normally so good for the daily tournaments were absolutely terrible. Was worse than a normal weekend. Delay, lag, players not moving because if the 4 foot of mud they were standing in, conceding goals due to defenders auto lunging and taking themselves out the same, simple three yard passes just rolling past the recipient who just stands there unable to move as it trickles past. A total waste of time when it does this crap.

General / Re: TOTS
« on: June 19, 2017, 06:17:01 pm »
Good grief! Isn't he about 3m or something?! Well done!

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: June 19, 2017, 08:41:32 am »
Finished at 21-16. Wasn't as bad today, but think I faced Smalling in all but five games, always linked to either Butland and Walker. And of course that 89 Son was everywhere. So bored of the same teams every game but at least game play was decent today.

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: June 19, 2017, 02:44:50 am »
Thought I'd play just the one game this afternoon but ended up playing three in the time one would have taken. Three quick rage quits to move to 14-11 for the last push this evening.

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