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Re: FUT Champions Cup by TWS001
August 14, 2017, 06:35:59 pm

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August 14, 2017, 06:44:26 am

Re: FUT Champions Cup by TWS001
August 13, 2017, 07:56:12 pm

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General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: Today at 09:26:53 pm »
Maybe my break of barely playing for a couple of weeks was what was needed. Been enjoying playing a but more recently, including the weekend league last weekend!
Had a go at the daily tournament quite late on on Tuesday night as I've been playing Until Dawn for the past few days. Not bad for a PS+ freebie! Made a couple of random teams and after a tough 1st round, strolled to the final with two more easier wins. Went to play the final and EA had disabled match making in preparation for a three hour scheduled maintenance! Nice of them to warn that it was coming. No FUT birthday player for me then.

Last night, decided to go back to my crazy team days! Picked two lots of three random goal players using the FUThead randomiser and put them into two 100 chem, all players on 9 or higher teams.
The first team contained a Spanish 2nd division 47 pace 75 rated CB, Toni Kroos and Ilicic, the Slovinian CF with mad long shots in Serie A. I may have cheated a little and used my TOTY Kroos and picked up IF Ilicic for false 9.
The second team though I wasn't so lucky and had to use Markovic, Locadia and Lemoine. All 76 rated! Put them into a 4231(2) and went into the cup. Reached the semi final but lost 4-3 to a full red team from a 90th minute goal during which my CB I wasn't controlling just decided to turn and run off out of the box for no reason and leave a player unmarked.

The second run saw two 5-0 wins and I'm in the semi final again........

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: August 14, 2017, 06:35:59 pm »
Thanks! I even played some division 1 yesterday afternoon as well! Actually enjoyed the game this weekend for once and didn't get tilted by it once, even when it played up.
A few high scoring games in Div 1, the best being one where I was 4-0 down with 70 minutes gone, but was disappointed not win as his keeper made two crazy saves in injury time to keep it at 4-4! What went on in those last twenty minutes was absurd! The opponent was panicking like mad, and the game was doing some very questionable things in my favour.......

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: August 13, 2017, 07:56:12 pm »
The variety of teams has got even worse. A lot of people seem to have made new accounts and started again, as per a couple of YouTubers. And guess what team they ALL make? Butland, Shaw, Bailly, Smalling, Walker, Kante, Dembele, Can, Martial, Musa, Mane.

I finished 22-18, but the amount of stupid games I lost to absolute nonsense! Having not played a full weekend league for five weeks or so meant I actually enjoyed it a bit more than usual and there weren't so many idiots about. Game play was also 90% decent apart from a few dodgy ones on Friday lunchtime.

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: August 13, 2017, 06:03:44 am »
Have had some spare time the past couple of days and have been playing weekend league. On Thursday I completed the Gerrard and Lahm SBCs and have put them and Alonso into a new team. The gameplay has been surprisingly smooth mostly as well.
Am currently 20-15 and actually enjoying it.

General / Re: FIFA 18
« on: August 10, 2017, 07:10:01 am »
Just checked the e-mails and I got the beta code.  Starts tomorrow at 5pm, so will see if there is any fuss to report.

Will stick on here any notable screen grabs or vids

Best to start a thread in the members only section just in case I'd say.

General / Re: Real Life Football
« on: August 10, 2017, 12:12:15 am »
It's funny you should say that about losing interest in real football. My friend in London and I where saying exactly the same thing the other day. I can remember more about games in the 1990s than I can about games last season. Very rarely watch the highlights or many live games these days!

I've also been playing some different games. Don Bradmans Cricket 17, on co-op with a FIFA friend has been fun, completed Sleeping Dogs and it's DLC, and with the PS plus games this month, Just Cause 3 and an Assasins Creed and dozens of old PS+ games waiting to be played in my library, there's plenty to play.

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: August 10, 2017, 12:00:41 am »
Came back from London last night and did some SBC's. Actually did the MM's on the phone app a few days ago and got TOTS Vossen as the reward. Had the players for the Chemistry is Key SBC and got TOTS Quaresma. Being a walk out, I did get teased with the possibility of a 99 Ronaldo walking out!
Decided against any of the player SBC that are about to expire, but can easily do the Gerrard one and just have to click submit if I decide to.

This morning the rain was absolutely crazy, so had some time to kill before I ventured out. Chucked together a couple of teams and went into the tournament. Started with a quick 2-0 rage quit win, and 4-1 and 4-0 wins followed. It was stupidly easy, especially after not playing the game for over a week.
The final was a lot tougher and some very dodgy stuff was going on. I equalised on 45 minutes through a comical own goal, the sort that normally happens to me! When I went 2-1 down on 80 minutes, thought that was that but straight from kick off, I passed around and was magically undefendable and made it 2-2 straight away. Hit the post twice after that in extra time and really should have won.
The penalty shoot out was laughable. My first three penalties were all saved into the net, then when I had two penalties that I had to save to win, my keeper made laughable attempts and kneed them both in with exactly the same broken animation. Eventually I made the save and it was weekend league qualification again!
The game was quite fun as connection seemed decent and was using some of the different special cards I have tucked away. My red Max Kruse did very well! Also 91 Isco in the other team is a very good false 9 and did well in the final.

Also got gold 3 monthly rewards from the two weeks at the start of July I played, and they weren't too bad. Got 86 Insigne, 86 Carrasco and Nkoulou, the Lyon CB.

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: August 02, 2017, 11:27:13 pm »
Didn't play anymore weekend league games 4-4 got me the wins for Gold 3 monthly. No wish to play anymore than that!
Monday night I switched to some new teams, and for a change built two 433(5) teams. Really enjoyed the four games I played.
Played a bit this morning as well. Walked through to the tournament final but then the nonsense started. Conceded when the opponent played a through ball that was so off the mark it was ridiculous. Of course the game decides that my defender will miscontrol it, let it bounce through his legs and then run off uncontrollably in the opposite direction! A complete and utter joke. The game play is shambolic at times. After that I just started being stupid because what's the point when this sort of crap happens? Obviously this was the 45th minute.

Played the first round again afterwards and came up against a starter team, full of loans, bronzes and no chemistry. My team felt dreadful. The worst of any game of FIFA I've ever played! I had shot after shot, but his keeper saved everything. Penalty, saved. Not long after, open goal, but from 5 yards somehow the shot hits the post. Was impossible to miss! Sure enough, 45th minute and a sequence of strange bounces and my keeper pushing a ball at a strange angle to the opponents striker and I'm 1-0 down. 25 shots and eventually I score. On 90 minutes. Just a joke of a game.
In extra time my players felt even worse. Got two more goals quickly, but my team performed like no stamina bronzes. A 3-1 win with 33 shots to 1 but this was enough. Can't be dealing with this dreadful gameplay so that'll be me done for another week as I'm off to London until next Tuesday.

They really need to sort this crap game play out for 18, but you just know it'll be even worse.

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: July 29, 2017, 08:43:22 pm »
Stuck with it as connection seemed better. Reeled off three straight wins, destroying the opponents, hitting in seven in one match, beating a La Liga 92 rated team and taking apart the last. No delay at all. It's all so connection based.

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: July 29, 2017, 07:54:02 pm »
I've been pretty quiet of late. Had some major stuff going on and not been much chance to play.

I'm pretty much screwed when it comes to playing FIFA. Living in a different place now and have BT internet that is three times faster than the old Sky internet. Doesn't mean much though. On Wednesday the game was totally unplayable. Speed up lag and button delay like I've never seen before! Really bad.
In Thursday it was good and I made it through the tournament pretty easily. This weekend league though is so bad. Speed up lag and button delay and the game feeling awful. Players feel like they are being pulled away from the ball. Absolutely terrible. Have managed to win a couple of games from six, but the days of me getting Gold 2 every week are gone with this sort of stuff going on.

Also tried a few games against a friend in London last night on H2H seasons. First game played perfect, second was vert laggy, the third was the laggiest game of FIFA either of us had ever played. Was like a PowerPoint presentation!

So with this sort of thing going on, my days of playing lots of FIFA could be done.

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: July 23, 2017, 08:45:27 am »
Have discovered the secret to playing FIFA. Have a few things going on at present so tonight bought a few drinks, completed all of Sleeping Dogs and it's DLC so loaded up FIFA. Also with the added bonus of tethering it with 4G from my phone.
A good few bottles of cidar down and I have got to 5-0. Had no BS, not one dodgy animation gifting the ball to the opponent or anything even slightly dubious. My opponents though...... Some of the stuff I can see happening is what always happens to me none stop. They take ages to control balls so an easy tackle a lot of the time. My defenders are making superhuman blocks as the opponent struggles to get shots away, and best of all, the game for me is flowing so well. It's got to be based on connection all this stuff that goes on. Maybe I've been lucky and tomorrow I could lose five in a row but the game play has never been so good as this. And this is with too much alcohol to drive in me.

And one game, the opponent was all over me. Having 65% possession and 12 shots, but I'm winning 1-0 at halftime. The second half continued the same way and after he racks up about 10 corners, I break from one and after three rebounds, two from the keeper and one of a defender, it's 2-0. Ends up 4 shots for me, 17 for him. LOL!
Basically play on dial up and you'll win!

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: July 22, 2017, 03:29:42 am »
Looks like we are all sick of the nonsense of this FIFA! I've played only about 5 games all week! Wasn't too bad in that 3 gold, 6 silver, 2 bronze tournament, a few different teams and nice to have a bit of use from TOTS Akinde and TOTS Wheeler at RM to link him. Was in the final but had no motivation to play it despite it not being too bad.

Will be steering clear of weekend league this weekend. Maybe play a few in the tournaments next week but that's about it. Never been so off FIFA since when I swapped to bronze only back at the tail end of FIFA 13.

Of course I'll be getting 18, but the game right, specifically gameplay, now is just a mess.

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: July 17, 2017, 09:42:41 am »
The weekend league is done. **** that **** until 18 comes out, which the state of this game right now, can't cone soon enough!

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: July 17, 2017, 02:32:38 am »
Played some this morning. Things got worse as I slipped to 10-14, but three straight wins pulled it back to 13-14. Hopefully the regular Sunday evening good results run will get me to Gold 3, but I wouldn't bet on it judging by the state of the goals that I keep conceding. Just a complete mess and joke of a game at the moment, game play wise. EA deserve some sort of medal for allowing it to be this bad. A major achievement!

At one point earlier, I conceded a free kick out on the wing. Unfortunately, my keeper became stuck in some weird animation where he wondered off towards the side of the six yard box, shaking his head or something similar. All this as the ball was in play and being crossed into my box! Luckily I got there first and put it out for a corner. If the ball had gone on goal, I may have put my controller through the TV screen!

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: July 16, 2017, 10:22:24 am »
I'm sure I say the same thing every week, but the gameplay is absolutely terrible this weekend. The games mostly are decided by either whos goalkeeper plays best, who gets a lucky bounce or who gets done over by dodgy animations. I swear the auto lunge this is costing me more goals every week.

Went 4-5 on Friday and am now 10-12. Playing badly and losing constantly in games where I have at least double goal attempts.
The final game tonight I built a new team of Serie A and La Liga players. It played well, although I only won on penalties, so have brought in TOTS Gomez to replace the SIF, and TOTS Chiellini to replace Barzagli. The team also contains red versions of SIF El Sha, SIF Hamsik, IF Garay and TOTS Biglia. Not using the Bundesliga side for now though, will have to use SBC Alonso another time. Jury is still out on him.

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