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General / Re: FUT '16 - In-game Stories
« on: July 30, 2016, 06:10:27 am »
Bleeeehhh. I have such zero interest in them players that I think it's gone into a negative value. Offline reward worth having a crack at tho :D

General / Re: FIFA 16 Squads show off
« on: July 29, 2016, 05:28:04 am »
I actually find featured cups to be very hit or miss for me. Some I do well in and some I get absolutely nothing from. The gold cup can be inconsistent as well. It's more that the inconsistency seems random in cups, rather than in seasons, where it seems to happen at key times.... almost like it's scripted....
I don't know really. I guess the format just helps rid the feeling of predictability around that side of things.
Thinking more on it, I feel like I've done well in most featured tourneys this year. Pretty sure I've won all the ones I've tried. Previous FUTs they've been awful for me. Win gold cup 3 times on the trot, enter featured, get repeatedly spanked....

:read as if posted in in game stories:
Last night was predictably and typically atrocious, after me posting about recent success. Laggy mess after laggy mess. No sluggishness but random as random gets, 4 alls and so on.
Then I played 'just one more game' and won it 7-1. In seasons, lol.

General / Re: FIFA 16 Squads show off
« on: July 28, 2016, 06:34:50 am »

Hi :)

Remember I do this thing where I come back after a break and have all sorts to post, can't decide where to put it and end up just randomly dumping it somewhere only vaguely relevant?

So anyway. I've kind of been keeping up to date here but just not finding the time to put in the wordage. Kiwi still sweeping all before him. TWS, serious kudos for the immenseness of your obscurity and the success you've had with it. Glad still playing/not playing :p
Hope you're all well and living life  8)

I've quite got into FUT over the last week or so, surprising myself.
Reeeewind. I think last time I poked my head in I'd been drawn back by the chem revelations and played my teams as full day 1 properly genuine not-lying 100 chem winning machines. Hold up, that last bit was pure invention.
I actually did feel a difference tho, gameplay felt pretty much ok, the teams seemed fairly consistent in what they delivered, I just lost quite a lot. Couldn't really say why. The mechanics of things, where playing EAs version of the percentage game can pay off against someone resolutely trying to football their way to goal. Couple that with my age old dalliances with walk the ball into the net toothlessness. Me being rusty as well ofc. Oh, and playing seasons. I don't know why I'd do that and expect... anything.
So I sort of gave up again, quite swiftly. GTA and Overwatch being really fun to play had a hand in that, as strange a concept as that might seem to base a game on. We had, or are in the stepped, money grabbing process of, an absolutely massive GTAO update as well, RRR has been growing relatively busy again...

BUT, I heard they patched the chem business! Wowahweewah!
So yeah, too intrigued to see how things went on old FUT. Pleasantly surprised by how it's gone, getting back in there with the IFs, UPs, TOTS, TOTTs, iMOTMs, bedknobs, broomsticks, kitchen sinks.
1st off, went bronze, that went ok. Not gonna share those teams as I've pretty much sold all my bronze blues to fund a massive, coke addict like fixation on my 2 gold teams and never screen capped em. I did however use a team with no less than 7 special cards in it and holy hell, it felt alright. Stepinski, Kapustka, Meling, IF Moe, Mousinho, Power, Maddison in a 4231-2.
Obviously Andrezinho in the 433-5 was so good he couldn't really get any better but it was nice to see the other players in the team joining in. 1 game I won 4 nil and he didn't score any, I was flabbergasted.
BS and input lag is still rife tho, no getting away from that, but it seems somehow lessened, perhaps not happening as often but also being a lot clearer as to what is causing the odd team malfunction. Feels that way to me anyway. Finals are still the worst for it for me but I find that understandable, since it should be looking further for an opponent. In any case, it's been occasional c'est la vie rather than constant impotent rage on that front.

Well, on we go. Bronze matches are not impossible to find atm but they are still more waiting about than I can truly be arsed with. Plus with special cards fixed, sort of seems worth spending money on expensive special golds for once. Like in forever.
Here's my current guys (which is why I'm in this particular thread).

The A team, largely recognisable to those with long memories, the core of it being NIF has probably helped it's lifespan, it's always been pretty good and very decent at the passing game.

TOTS Aduriz is completely wow, I love him. Can't really believe how many goal kicks he wins and nods down accurately, almost all of them, soooo useful. Fantastic on the ball and with a silly amount of pace compared to his basic card. Most interestingly pre and post patch are like night and day with him. Pre, I was struggling to get him in games and Martinez was slightly more effective. He was good but nothing special, he was shy of a goal every 2 games and probably only won 50% of goal kicks. Post, well...
Crossing is definitely part of my armoury now (B team too), played so many years without bothering.... See here...


Interesting to have Dani Alves suddenly available too. Not been in the team that long. Normally the sort of full back I wouldn't be interested in, lacking even a med def WR, but he seems pretty decent and has been fairly fun to use. Something of a novelty for me.
Sold Jackson Martinez for the pennies I needed to buy someone else. A sad day. Sniff.

The B team has undergone radical changes, numerous personnel have been tried out in various combinations. to the point where I think only Tevez has been a part of every line up. None of the experiments have lasted more than a few games tbh, but this one may just stick, the promise is high.

I have doubts about Mascherano. He's alright but I'm not overkeen on him as a CB and will never have much attachment to him there. He's only still there because Alba has been the best LB I think I've ever had, defence or attack, he does so much for me. More than Alaba even (shhh, paaaaace).
Lucho is an old favourite, going back to my Ligue 1 days when we all 1st met up. Nice to not only see him on a good card but also providing Tevez with a rare high rated strong link. I'm not actually hugely attached to this card either tho, he doesn't do a lot more than Banega did for me and I do miss my Banega... plus Banega would allow Godin back in... And Muslera and Caceres... All long time loyal servants.
Still, multicolour Lucho is a good card and does a decent job. Since he's cheap at less than 20k, there's no real motivation to cash him in atm.
On the Tevez link front, I had that TOTT Ruben bloke for a bit. Meh.

TIF Higuain RETURNS! I can't remember why I sold my old one after 150 odd games. Anyway, he came back in today and I'm looking fwd to using him again. Even if he has been superceded by roughly 37 newer versions of himself. TIF might possibly offer the best value for money on the Hig front, looking through everything.
Aaand the current jewel in the crown, TOTS Icardi. He. Is.... Wait for it..... A BEEEEAAAAST!
I've used him before, briefly, and was not impressed. This one is awesome. I only moved him back to CAM for the last 3 games, Pereyra has been the most effective player in that position, in this team, but  I still always felt there should be someone who could offer more class.
Tried UP Dybala. Meh.
So looking at Icardi's 90 short pass and being completely bowled over by his general quality on top of 15 goals in 12 games, I moved him back to see if Hig was the class upgrade I wanted. Played the 86 up there for those 3 games, 2 goals for him, 4 for Icardi. Icardi still great then. Get in. Goodbye another 6 bronze TOTS.

Current form then. Astoundingly excellent. I've lost 2 out of the last 17 or so. Breaking it down, it's a bit more varied. Started the run in the Futties (bleurch) cup, 8 wins, 10k, 2 crappy packs. Niiiice. More or less romped through most games as well. Then played 2 in the gold cup, both very crappy narrow wins. The 2nd was bloody awful.
Then seasons for the moolah. Ah seasons, how I hate you.
Can't really remember the run of games or how it was set up but drew, lost, drew, lost and needed a point from 3 games to stay in Div 4 (how did I end up down here? It must've gotten bad before). I was cursing the seasons BS quite roundly. Then ofc, I won 3 on the trot and finished a point off the title. Like this-


Got 14k for it but like I've already seen mentioned, double pay is simply not worth the bollocks. Give me 10x reward and I'd maybe endure 1 season for it...

Well. There you go. Very pleased you guys are still here, I enjoy keeping up and popping in.  Off to go welcome TIF Hig back properly ;D

General / Re: General chat
« on: July 04, 2016, 03:29:39 pm »
Interesting to hear that you also did not feel the low chem affecting the team.

Me? Oh I totally did, with the low chem experiment. Ofc, my opponents were also low chem, perhaps if they'd not been, I'd have noticed some other effect (conspiracy hat on)... :D
With my games the other night, I was on properly full chem, having dropped a few players and gone full day 1 NIF.
What did interest me tho, is that it all fits how I've felt for ages, my teams performing gradually worse the more I add special cards, hence the 2 or 3 IF limit I arrived at. Used to be 3 but I remarked here that I felt my teams get too poor when I went over 2 this year. I didn't include UPs in that, for obvious reasons, and I did have a couple in both gold teams, essentially putting me on 3 or 4 specials per line up. No wonder they felt bad when I added a 4th/5th IF.
Suggests to me that you're alright with 1 or 2 players on 4 chem. It only begins to to foul up when you push it further. Or go massively OP with your choices, tho personally, that's never worked for me.

General / Re: General chat
« on: July 04, 2016, 05:35:10 am »

Well, well, well. Well, well....

Hiya! Long time no see. Long time no FIFA in fact, got mighty fed up with the ongoing inconsistencies and lost the very last dregs of my motivation to continue with it. Didn't help at all that bronze cup opponents seemed to start drying up. Overwatch and GTA have more than filled the gap, I'd actually ceased to even remember FUT existed.

But gosh. The intense whiff of I-told-you-so-ness saturating Earths atmosphere just couldn't be ignored. Obviously hit Google and started conducting in depth aeriological experiments in order to track down the source of the potentially life-on-Earth altering phenomena and blow me down if it didn't all lead back to FUT.
Cue much unsurprise and deep, quivering notshock. Most assuredly nonstunned, I was.
Particularly since early indications were that the stink was caused by the English national football team. Those suspicions faded quickly tho. Especially after I underwent a severe memory removal procedure immediately after seeing them.

So. Very interesting... Pulled me back in last night, it did. Dropped all my non day 1 players and had 5 games in the gold cup with more or less the same 2 teams I've posted many times before. Lost just the final, a slow and relatively laggy struggle to a 120th min goal for a 2-1 defeat. Other 4 games were a joy of flowing football and definite, cohesive control. Well, I'll be...

I did have a low chem experiment myself on 16, that featured tourney. I've posted somewhere here about how it went. In a nutshell, dreadful. Not just for me but my opponents as well, every game was a catastrophic blunderfest of ineffectual, blithering idiocy. I think all went to full time with barely a chance or a goal.
So not too bothered about repeating the experience and I have to say, a little nonplussed as to how this glitch reveal makes low chem teams suddenly viable. So I was having a load of cack and nonsense because my IFs were only on 4 chem. Well, now I can just play anyone anywhere, safe in the knowledge that they're on crap chem and not lying about it... Nope. I don't get it :D

Apparently it's gonna get patched tho eh? Initially I was quite happy for it to stand, I was gonna flog all my special cards and knock out the resultant 260k on spiffing NIFs, Suarez, Pogba.... Now if they patch it, I'm interested to see how good TOTS Aduriz, IF Salah and my trillion bronze TOTS actually are. Andrezinho is gonna be crazy good. Slightly alarming to know my TIF Higuain was performing under par all that time... What must he be really like?
Also intrigued to try the multiple bronze TOTS in one line up again.

Once they patch it effectively of course. Which they naturally will. Right? Soon. I expect.... Without fail....

General / Re: FUT '16 - In-game Stories
« on: May 31, 2016, 03:22:52 am »
I feels it.
Saw TOTS Icardis stats and felt compelled to get him. Sold SIF Florenzi for a tasty packet, given his shock no TOTS insta-rise. Sold SIF Pjanic for a mighty loss- 103k down :D
Bought Icardi to slot straight in up front for the B team.
Not immensely impressed. He's very good but not as good as his stats say he should be. Basically like TIF Higuain but with more affection for hitting the post and less fwd movement.

So putting him in with IF Salah and TOTS Lodeiro, topping up with my old, unused squad fitnesses, played a run of games with them.
Preposterous abysmalness in the 1st 2, some of the worst touches, bounces, misplaced passes and GK buffoonery I've seen.
Dropped Lodeiro, put Banega, Alba and Pereyra back in. Boom. Latter with a hat trick in a 5-1 demolition job. Missed Lodeiro tho, (really is a terrific playmaker), so bought Insigne, put him in for Salah and brought Totti back too.
Great run of games, with the now all NIF A team joining in, Nainggolan in for Panic.  Won the cup in a 6 game win streak.

Feeling buoyed by this, I put it on yesterday and was treated to an all new stream of total dullardishness. Even quit 3 games in a row because I just couldn't be arsed with it.
Did finish off with a couple bronze starter team slaughters, Andrezinho laughing in the face of handicap with 3 goals in the 1st 15 min for my 2nd hapless lamb. Brightened things up a touch.

Got Overwatch now tho, between that and GTA, FUT should be getting some serious back burner time.

Interesting additional stat. New Florenzi scored in his 2nd game. I swear, every gold full back I get scores in their 2nd game. Literally every single one. Even if they never do again.

General / Re: FIFA 16 Squads show off
« on: May 26, 2016, 02:31:33 am »
Yeah, pretty crazy. Would kind of like to try him in a 4321 or 4231, I get much more out of the wide men in those.

Found another dirt cheap TOTS to spend my last pennies on. That strong link with Tevez.... Only been waiting 6 months for one I liked.

Only change I had to make to get him in (for Banega, since I didn't want to replace Salah or move Tevez) was Pereira in for Alba. Quite the downgrade but a positive contribution from Pereira in his 1st few games, a goal included. Balances out a little, Lodeiro making up for the loss of Alba's attacking threat with M/M Pereira backing him up more.
Then of course, I could do with that strong Tevez link what I wanted to do way back when. Totti returns!!
Disappointed I sold my original one at some point, been desperate for spare coins at various times an obviously needed that 700 for something. Still, great to have him back, love his style and he has so much quality.

3 games with them last night. 1st I dominated and hit the post numerous times but BS was in full effect and I lost 2-1. Lodeiro was getting bullied at CDM tho and it made me question the wisdom of having him there. Totti, Tevez and Palacio were my main influences but showed equal skill in getting out of the way of key passes and strolling offside.
Next 2 were a good deal better, a 2 nil 1st half RQ. Both sweeping moves, one of which was Pereira's unlikely contribution.
Finally, TOTS Lodeiro stepped up with a 9.7 rating, one marvellous goal and 2 great assists. A 4-1 win in which his consolation goal should've been his signal to rush out and buy a lottery ticket.
So far Lods seems a cracking little player. Obviously not really supposed to be a CDM but I need a quality playmaker in there and he's really not that weak, 67 strength could be a lot worse. Predictably rubbish at winning goal kicks but can win the ball back occasionally and has that handy 80 pace for chasing back. Going forward from that position, massive. I often find the CAM I put in my CDM pair will end up being my biggest offensive influence, so much room for him to move into and so many gaps created as a result.

As a side note, revisiting these 2 long standing CAMs, both are on excellent scoring ratios from those wide positions. Tevez with 134 in 303, Salah with 18 in 53. Really, really good fun, the pair of them and perfectly suited for the way I use the formation.

General / Re: FIFA 16 Squads show off
« on: May 23, 2016, 07:46:29 pm »
Been playing a lot of games in the bronze cup this week. Expanded to 8 teams, ditched a few that debut failed for new versions in different formations, so have used maybe 11 teams this week altogether. Won the cup a couple times early in the week and thought it was all going good but have had a fair bit of BS since then, particularly in finals. Several times cruising through to one before getting handed a bunch of total lemons dressed up in my kits. Extended this to the gold cup last night too. Still had plenty of good games.

Since I shall hopefully be getting Overwatch in the next couple days, UT time will likely be cut back, so here is the crowning glory of all this bronze experimentation. I don't remember losing a game with these boys since I went to this line up 10 games ago-

Andrezinho is the obvious star of the show, he's absolutely fantastic.  17 goals and 4 assists in 19 games doesn't tell the whole story, he's such a star playmaker and in that F9 position he gets the ball to feet all the time. He makes everything happen up there then finishes it all off. Decent pace and passing, astonishing balance and control and on top of that, 85 shot power. The bronze Messi, no question.
Romario Balde/Greg Stewart. Always with this F9 formation, I have trouble getting the wingers to be anything more than support players, both do a really good job at that tho and contribute plenty without troubling the goals/assists much. Kind of an irritant to me because they both have great stats as goal threats. Balde has decent finishing, good agility and a strong 72 shot power, tends to do alright on goal kicks sent up to him for some reason. Stewart has stunning stats for a bronze, 80 short pass is probably the best I've seen. Great dribbling and shooting too, all round he has good silver/low gold level stats where it counts. Inside strong foot for both as well. A shame neither has a high attack WR as that'd make a fair bit of difference.

The team really shines here.
Joackim Jorgensen is so perfect as a CDM I reckon he'd do a job at any level. The key thing is that hard to find L/H WR, allied to that he has strong bronze level stats everywhere. Surprisingly nimble for a guy with 82 strength, very good passing, 70 on interceptions, wins almost every header and to cap it off, 82 shot power. There's nothing he can't do and he'll happily sit where he's told, the rarest commodity going on UT16. He also has 7 assists in his 20 games. I wish I could use him in all my teams.
Barry Robson is a genuine legend. Amazing stats, as befits someone who used to play at the top level. Lack of pace is no issue at all when you can pass and shoot like he can, ridiculous strength makes him defensively useful as well. Free kick accuracy of 85 is off the charts for a bronze, particularly allied to 86 power. 6 goals and 5 assists in 10 games is quite a contribution.
Andre Horta is new to me and, after being picked just for Andrezinho chem, has turned out to be a real gem. He wasn't an ideal pick for the position, with a H/L WR, terrible strength and very average defence stats, but going forward he's brilliant. The many, many runs he makes help me so much. Creating chances in this formation has often been a struggle for me but he will beat his man, create space for others and thread the ball through again and again. Yet another with very good shot power tho his finishing stat is awful, not that you'd think it from this...


Nothing outstanding about 4 of the back 5, they're solid citizens. Wangberg is something of a bronze legend, strong and consistent choice at CB for numerous years. Both full backs have handy touch of pace. Antonsen is actually very good, being nice on the ball, pacy and good in defence is rare on a bronze, his M/M helps balance Horta's movement as well.
Kevin Larsen is the stand out. Defensively he's solid, like the others, nothing amazing, but he's pretty decent with the ball for a centre half and has a cannon of a left foot. 76 power, 77 long shots and 70 FK acc. I often let him take the FKs, just for the novelty.
(I've literally just discovered that Antonsen has 80 shot power, must shoot with him! Actually means only 3 players have shot power under 70...)

All in all, every player has key stats that put them up there with the very best bronzes and more than that, they gel and work as a team really, really well. Possibly my favourite bronze team out of all those I've had on any UT.

General / Re: FIFA 16 Squads show off
« on: May 20, 2016, 01:09:31 am »
Doomed I tells thee! Ye both be doomed!

General / Re: TOTS Time
« on: May 18, 2016, 06:56:35 am »
That Layun card is :O

General / Re: FUT '16 - In-game Stories
« on: May 18, 2016, 05:03:46 am »
Glad tidings! Have continued to find opponents in the bronze cup with little fuss and have obviously been sucked right back into UT as a result. I really do love using bronzes. The BS is there but the inherent crapness of the players definitely helps with the acceptance of  their random struggles.
The other side of it is of course, the range and the prices. From the weirdness of 15 TOTS across 4 teams, I went to 16 across 6 teams, 2 in 2, 3 in the rest. Hybrid material in every corner of the globe and for minimum bid 90% of the time.
Better performances and results, got an extremely long awaited addition to the bronze cup shelf in the trophy cabinet. Andrezinho (a revelation, up there with Kielb and IF McGinn as one of the very best I've used) stole the show with 2 goals and an assist in a 4-1 demolition of the de rigeur English opponent. False 9 seems like a match made in heaven for him, basically the bronze Deco.
However, his line up is a 2 TOTS one. The other stellar performance (5-2) came from my most unfancied new team, the other 2 TOTS team (442-Trossard/Ndidi). Struggled unreasonably in several games with 3 TOTS involved. SO, 2 more teams under construction now. Going for the optimum, 2 feature special cards per side. Tin foil hat maybe, but I've had some 3 IF gold teams perform worse than expected too. Every time I've gone with 2 on this FIFA, I've had only the usual nonsense, mixed in with fine performances and been able to feel the upgrade in the specials. 3 feels... iffy.

Pretty much back to the good old days atm then. A plethora of bronze hybrids, a liberal spread of excellent special cards and the cup win to cap it off. More smoothish matchmaking, another 100 odd bronze cup wins and it'll feel like the UT13 peak experience has returned in full.

General / Re: FIFA 16 Squads show off
« on: May 15, 2016, 10:09:21 pm »
Just had another decent little spell of finding games. Slow to get the 1st, perhaps 5 or 6 tries, after that, I only had to retry once I think. Played 1 game with each. Confirmed, 5 blue teams are absolutely beyond atrocious, 2 of the very worst performances I've ever had on UT. The other 2 games were alright, the Andrezinho/Stewart bunch (just 2 blues) were excellent. The other laboured a bit but still came through, Offenbacher outshining everyone from LCDM, 4 goals in 5 for him.
So, just need to knock up 2 or 4 more teams and spread them around a bit I think. Shame because the Kapustka/Stepinski/Maddison/Power combo shows fantastic promise, they're just even more horribly unlucky/randomly incompetent now Djene has joined the (non) party.

General / Re: FIFA 16 Squads show off
« on: May 15, 2016, 08:17:53 pm »
Love that 11 card hybrid Kiwi.

General / Re: FIFA 16 Squads show off
« on: May 15, 2016, 07:29:04 pm »
Soooooooooo..... About those TOTS players..... *cough*

Just noticed an error in this one. Need to change a CB for Melings chem, a club link served there for the previous LB.
Editedit. Doesn't work, there isn't the options, will need a jiggle.

Another error here, Seidl and Offenbacher need swapping for full chem.

The last 2 5 blue teams are untried. The 3rd, 4321, did have one game with a different CB combo, didn't go so well. Utterly dominated the game and played some wonderful bronze football but had the full BS experience and lost. Djene is being bid on right this minute.
Currently building the 4th, all blues acquired already, over the last few days. Just worked out the team and filling it in.

Unfortunately, my last session went a bit amiss after a few games. Started not finding opponents again and had to go play a couple gold games to pass the time. Would be the ultimate irony if, after all these buys, I went back to not being able to use them.

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