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General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: December 11, 2017, 01:01:34 pm »
Well the pull of TOTGS Mbappe changed my Weekend League.

Nothing going for me but kind of enjoying the matches.  was 3-8 early doors, then Mbappe.  Sold him for 500k and briught in TOTGS Firmino.  That LFC front 3 are frighteningly awesome (ST Salah & POTM Mane)

Went on enjoying the games and finished up at  comfortable 21 wins.  Best WL gameplay since the first week or 2.  Yeah same BS but some really good gameplay

Wonder if POTM Salah will be STR or RW ??

Till next time fellas

General / Re: FIFA 18
« on: December 11, 2017, 12:55:58 pm »
Nice Buddha

I just got Lacazette and Costa in the same pack

General / Re: FIFA 18 SBC
« on: December 08, 2017, 11:28:29 am »
Marquee Matchups and Gold upgrade packs have yielded nothing for me in ages.

League ones, I have no interest n the end result and would likely get nowt in the packs.  In general quite disappointed n the SBCs offered so far, Icons aside - which I'll never do

General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: December 08, 2017, 11:25:09 am »
Hi fellas.

Rough couple of weeks in FUT world.  2 weekends ago, went back into it after a week off not qualifying with renewed hope, but was soon dashed and finished on 11 wins.  Couldn't be bothered to play the last 7 or 8 games.
Same story this past weekend but started off not being able to buy a win.  Lost the first 8 off the bounce.  Really wasn't that bothered though.  Still came back to win 10 on the spin and finished on 10 wins... again not bothered to complete all games.

Sold off Neymar and went back to the trio of Vidal, Alaba & Boateng with Neuer in goal.  Neuer was good but no better than Ederson.  Sold him and put Martial, Bailly & Valencia as my right 3 in the 4312 and went with Firmino CAM, POTM Mane RS and brought in TIF Salah (Striker Version) at LS.  Relegated the ever reliable Suarez to the bench though. 

Deadly is the word i'd use for the team now.  Requalified at the 2nd attempt and just won the 2nd DKT at the first attempt. So WL is upon us.  I fully expect my team to be useless and can these days pretty much tell after the first 2-3 mins which team is going to win.  More time to play this weekend too so might extend the misery by playing a full set of games, but Fortnite has gripped me a bit so will see.  PUBG is on the horizon too.  Both come as a much needed welcome from the FUT mire

Good luck to all who play this weekend and well done to those who don't play it

General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: November 05, 2017, 10:49:15 am »
Desperate this weekend so far.  Should take a break but am well in the f**k it attitude

Getting beaten by some shocking players, with the usual up 2-1, then in the last 5 mins concede the equaliser then to in extended 90th min time get beat with a f**king rebound goal.

12 wins with 9 f**king games left.  No chance unless the game lets me win.  Don't know how much longer I can put up with this

My 2 teams work... during the week.  Come Friday they go on holiday.  This EA adaptive difficulty has ruined what I thought was a great addition to the FIFA series.

Guess my chances of regional qualifiers is out the window  ;D

I pray that come Wednesday and the XB1X I can find a new vice as FUT has won me out

General / Re: FIFA 18
« on: October 31, 2017, 09:12:11 am »

General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: October 31, 2017, 09:10:29 am »
Lost the first 4-3.... in the 90th min.  Was up 3-1 in that one  :-\

Last game.  All normal service resumed.  Felt like a different game.  Everything going my way.  Crushing win 5-1 for the 18 wins.  No gold 2 monthly which was disappointing.

No doubt monthly rewards will bring IF Dost.  Only want IF Jesus, just so I can sell my NIF and generate some coins.  Club is bare ATM

Lets do it all again next week  ::)

General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: October 30, 2017, 11:09:22 am »
Strange WL for me this week.  Started off the usual 1 win, 1 loss routine and was 6-6.

Griezmann's time in the club ended.  Great card but either has a great game or goes invisible.  Sold everything off that I could and just stretched to get Bale as his replacement.  Good choice

Ended Saturday on 12-8.

Sunday started off a little rocky but kept it to 14-11.  Some of the best FUT I've played this year in that stretch, even in some defeats (90th min namely).  4 wins from 15 needed.  Simples right??  5 wins gives me Gold 2 monthly.  Simples... yeah right.

In the next 13 games, 3 wins, 10 losses.  In 9 of those losses I either conceded a 90th min winner or equalizer.  Some random pass selection from the AI put my opponents through on net more than 6 or 7 times.  That aside, still playing some proper decent stuff.  Pity the opponents were not doing the same and the game was 'assisting' them shall we say

So 2 games to go.  1 win needed for 18.  2 for Gold 2 monthly

Lets see what amazing things happen next

General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: October 22, 2017, 10:19:18 am »
7-7.  Of those 7 losses, 4 have been because of a 90th min 'injury time' winner or equaliser

It really is a joke this.  How can +2 mins last as long as maybe 10 in game, or just long enough to gift your opponent that vital goal.  It got to the point after a couple of the L's I started playing around just to keep the clock ticking but then somehow the AI assisted passing slots it perfectly into their strikers path when your pointing the direction in the total different direction

26 to play tomorrow.  Dreading it

General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: October 17, 2017, 09:23:23 am »
16 wins gents, 16 effin' wins

was 12 wins with 14 games to go. Playing ok.  Probably got too complacent .... maybe

The amount of times in the last 10 or so games I conceded a 90th odd min goal from a damn rebound was unreal.  Shafted hard by EA

Back to Q school, although I don't think i'll make it

General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: October 09, 2017, 04:34:26 pm »
Well gents.  My initial enjoyment of the game came to a shuddering halt with the advent of weekend league

Pre patch, great.  Shrug off the EA sponsored bull$hit and keep moving on.  Post patch, or as I like to call it, the 'EA script patch for those who are crap at the game so we'll give them a fighting chance patch' total revert back to FIFA 17. Why EA, why??

Anyways, weekend league.  Started off all positive and excited.  4-1 start.  Not bad, could this be the breakout year? Nah.  Quickly through the surge of brown stuff, back to level par (5-5).  Sick as F###

This became 7-10. Vomit inducing some of the absolute garbage of KO glitch, 45th + 10min goals and likewise 90th min.  It amazes me that no one at EA who plays this can not see the massive chunk of time that gets added onto the ends of halves and address it.

Back to my Alex Hunter..  I preceded, although playing well, to lose the next 9 on the spin.  Quite how my controller, Console or TV survived that run I'll never know.  Good job the kids were out too.  Surprised the neighbours didn't call the police.  the amount of colourful language being used at increasing volume throughout yesterday afternoon  ;D

Actually then won a couple after a bit of a break.  (9-19). Worst record ever in champs. 12 games to go.  After another break for food, came back to finish this nightmare.  Lost (9-20).  Just about crying at this point.  Put the kids to bed and sat in the chair dumbfounded.  Did a few gold UG sbc's and a few SQB to feel whats its like to win again.

Prior to starting champs, I had a positive record by about 20 or so.  Not really a record watcher, but it was nice to have something which after a poor start last year I didn't think id have again.  Slowly watching this dwindle away almost sucked the life out of me.  Changed from my tried and trusted 4312 and went 4321, a formation I just couldn't make work previously.  My front 3 off chem which just irritates me.  Messed on with custom tactics (which I think is purely a placebo) and took out my 2 defensive midfielders for more attack minded ones with the 'f### it' attitude......

Won the next 8 in a row (17-20)  :o Game felt fluid. Players were pressing to get the ball back.  Constant never say die attitude.  Even playing what I would call good players, I was getting the rub of the green in all games.  Pen shootouts, last min, whatever BS had happened to me prior was now going for me.  I felt genuinely sorry for those who I was playing.  Then lost 1 in an epic proper football game.  No EA BS, just good football. Messaged the guy thanking him for the best game this weekend (17-21).

Next up a solid Bundes team with messers Werner, Bellerabi and OTW Yarmalenko up top.  down 2-1 deep in the 80+ min.  Took off Jesus for Ibra, all out attack.  Scramble one home in the 89th from a corner.  We share one each in ET and are down to pens.

I miss one of the first 5, he has his final kick to win.  Saves.  This happens a couple times more in sudden death.  We get to go round again, and finally I win 10-9.... the scenes  :o :o :o The impossible magic 18.

Great 'story'. And there in lies the problem for us FUT mortals.  Outside of the pros, the game feels like a total movie script, sucking you in, spitting you out with the grand finale of the redemption or the hero falling on his sword bittersweet ending.

Mad, mad game.....  On to next week  :P

General / Re: FIFA 18
« on: October 02, 2017, 07:59:15 am »

Must say despite the usual BS EA throw at us year in year out, i'm enjoying this iteration of FUT more than any before.  Yes the usual 'bugs' are there but i'm so long in the tooth with FUT i'm just shrugging them off and have the 'on to the next' attitude.  I find that when you get it right, it feels much more rewarding.

Try as I may, I cant qualify for the WL.  Lost several finals after cruising through the earlier rounds.  Not building a 78 squad for the one starting tomorrow, so the final attempt will come in the one on Wednesday.  Squad battles hasn't grabbed me just yet.  Looking at twitter & twitch it's the in thing to do so far this FUT.  Suppose its free coins, but other than practising the new defending against legendary AI, its no good prep for WL. Good addition though.

Been reasonably good with pack luck thus far.  The best being IF Mertens.  Selling him on with some other decent pulls has given me this squad

All players are OP.  Bakayoko and Paulinho are a great partnership.  Defence is as solid as it can be.  Likewise with Navas.  Firmino scores great goals and has a good engine on him.  In fact stamina is good throughout.
Jesus....... well JESUS.  Great upgrade for him and has started well as my new addition.
POTM Mane. Given that I already had regular Mane for 35k, it was a bit sore giving him up as he went up to 135k, plus he was on 55 goals in 54 games, but the stats looked too good for me to pass up.  Hasn't fired up like his regular yet but he now has plenty of time to catch up.

Suarez.  God like.  Plays better than his TOTY card from 17.  Slower pace isnt an issue as his positioning is on point.  Still deceptively quick though.  Love this card.

I have a backup Serie A squad for fitness rotation, but will look to upgrade as soon as I can generate more coins.  Not intending to spend any more .

Going to be very selective of the SBC's this year too.  Wasted far to much last year on pointless ones

Hope you are all finding the game a slightly less frustrating experience

General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: August 13, 2017, 09:07:41 am »
Done 10 games in 17 and on 7-3.  Best start ever this fut.  Really should be 9-1 but couple of 'issues' prevented that.

5 games on 18 and 2-3.  All that must be said is that some people do not have a life.  Some of the teams already are nigh on god level compared to my base BPL and Bundes/MLS hybrid teams.  Hard work but rewarding when you beat one

General / Re: FIFA 18
« on: August 12, 2017, 08:58:49 pm »
Just checked the e-mails and I got the beta code.  Starts tomorrow at 5pm, so will see if there is any fuss to report.

Will stick on here any notable screen grabs or vids

Best to start a thread in the members only section just in case I'd say.


General / Re: FUT Champions Cup
« on: August 10, 2017, 05:18:45 am »
Hey all.

Got pretty much fk all in my elite monthlies.  More fodder for any SBC's that have any interest.  Comfortable 20 wins this past WL.  Likley to not complete all this coming weekend, but it's my last as i'm off mid week after for 10 days.

Surprised to see FUT going out with a whimper after those End of an Era SBC's.  Kinda daft how the best of SBC's is a better promo than Futties... or should I say the Premier league sweat awards

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