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General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: Yesterday at 10:45:13 am »
So as i have been saying only played SB mostly so far not played 1 game in Div's and only 3 online 2 of which i RQ, as i played my SB games last night had nothing to do today, decided to give the WLQ a go, first up 8 of one nationality nearly gave up there threw this together

First round pen after 3 mins i score he quits

second round good player but Icardi scores 2, he gets one back in the 87th min i hold out to win with 10 men.

Semi again another good player we go back an forth 2-2 then Icardi scores his 3rd and i go down to 10 men again but i break away and chip his keeper for a 4th and he quits.

So i'm in a final at my first attempt  :o :o typical BPL fifa 17 team including Butland who BTW is crap in 18 but they still use him  ;D  3 up by HT another Icardi hattrick very comfortable until around the 75th min he scores 2 quickfire goals and i think here we go but no i hold out to win it and qualify for the WL.

Surely the quality of opponent is better than this, anyhow don't think i will play any don't have a strong enough team and can't be arsed  :D

General / Re: FIFA 18 SBC
« on: Yesterday at 10:31:32 am »
Ligue 1 might be a good idea too as it could be next one up

General / Re: FIFA 18 SBC
« on: Yesterday at 10:30:58 am »
it's all depending on who get the special card too if they are desirable not Top goalscorer this year might be Buffon  as he is retiring

General / FIFA 18 SBC
« on: Yesterday at 08:47:31 am »
Taught i'd start a new one for this year

Anyone know anywhere there is a list of drop dates of SBC from last year i.e Leagues, TOTW

Also Serie A SBC investing has to be Benevento & SPAL was just checking my club and had 0



General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: Yesterday at 08:42:31 am »

Good shout on Zuber - haven't got a Bundes side set up as yet - will get him.

I have about 10 of him Kiwi is you need one  ;)

General / Re: FIFA 18
« on: October 17, 2017, 10:59:06 am »
Bronze packs have been crazy the past few days. There's so many players worth a decent amount of coins right now. There's the obvious like Australian players, the four leagues with SBC player rewards, but I've noticed a new trend where seemingly random players are worth at least 1-2k or more for no apparent reason. This evening I was getting players from Austria Vienna, AEK Athens, a couple of Swedish teams and the two South African clubs and selling for decent amounts. It's groups of people buying up cards as they try to second guess EA and the next set of Marquee Matchups. Seeing as there is typically only usually one from the smaller clubs, a lot of people are going to lose a lot of coins somewhere in the next day!

Here TWS this is where they get their ideas


General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: October 16, 2017, 10:04:15 pm »
Did try it Vs the CPU in squad battles and got over run at times at the back.

Kiwi Pizzi is class, good passing and solid shot, TWS Cazorla & Mata too are really excelling for me as CAM seem to me that the slower more cultured players are good this year

General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: October 16, 2017, 09:16:58 am »

On another note - spent the remainder of the evening catching up on Squad Battles games. Kinda enjoyable as at least that takes out the "delinquent cnut" aspect.

and here's the answer to why i like it so much.

Still find yourself shouting "have it you cnut" when you score a 90th min winner though  :D

General / Re: FIFA 18 Trading
« on: October 15, 2017, 03:43:05 am »
Probably don't know how to remove it  :D

General / Re: FIFA 18 Trading
« on: October 14, 2017, 03:49:43 am »
Mustafi's bought at 2600-3600

General / FIFA 18 Trading
« on: October 13, 2017, 11:44:32 pm »
Well as said in the other thread i have been trading IF's and 84 - 86 rated players over the last few weeks, didn't want to clog up the other thread with posts.

Not enjoying online gameplay at all so only offline at the moment for me meaning no need for OP/over expensive player yet.

Putting all my spare coins into this

Had bought about 5-8 of any IF i could get near discard and just inflate the price started off with Adan 84 and Zaza 83 was slow to start but you need to wait about 2 weeks after they are out of packs for good sales, stocked up on Ginter's and Albertos then with Brozivic and Fellaini's add in smaller numbers.

As of last night i had 1 million worth of IF's in my TP if they sold at the price i wanted

Last nights sales wish i had picked up more Patricio's all bought at 15k

Will update as i go along

General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: October 13, 2017, 09:42:40 am »
also had been picking up 84's at 1700 - 2800 selling at inflated prices of 6 - 8k

General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: October 13, 2017, 09:39:49 am »
Good job mate! Insigne was my best one.

And yeah ... market is going a bit nuts. IF Danilo Pereira - only 2 on the market now. 50k max I think. Extinct players are Pepe (ofc!) on 10k and Pique ... 30k. Damn!

Edit ... seems like there are a lot more IF Pereira's ... must have been my search options.

Deffo plenty kiwi been lurking in the IF trading guide over yonder, has worked out well so far, bought a good few IF's could sell at double at the moment but will be rarer as people discard into the SBC's and can make more, bought 2 fellaini's other day at 56k listed both at 89k one was bought so bought 2 more all 3 listed at 90k now, have over 1 mill worth in IF's in my TP

General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« on: October 13, 2017, 01:27:43 am »
Jesus had thought about giving the WLQ a go this week but **** reading these makes me think why bother have played all of 2 games online and quit both, the game is an utter mess. thank god for SB's cause i would be returning the game otherwise.

Really enjoying it TBH have the 2 bog standard teams and am finishing E2/E3 with no issues, true the rewards are not as good but they are rewards all the same. Even been playing on a 2nd account (only to get transfer access as the lad running that BOT is building a new want to trial it)  which i have been using a liga NOS discard team play 12 games rotating and sell up and buy back got to G1 with 8 to play can't be arsed to do anymore now.

will start again tomorrow with a 3rd account stopping the 2nd as TF access achieved.

how is everyone ? what actually is the "squad battles" ? an offline mode of WL? again 40 during a given span of time?

Howdy Otu, yea but its 4 games a day Monday to Friday updates at 1 am and 12 on Saturday and Sunday, up to you what difficulty you play but the higher you play the more points you get.

Runs from Monday to Sunday i have got E3/2 the last few weeks playing on pro and a few on legendary, rewards have been poor though. Enjoying it as less BS and the difficulty has been adjusted compared to previous years and is much more enjoyable.

General / Re: FIFA 18
« on: October 12, 2017, 09:48:01 am »
Don't know if you's seen this already


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