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Re: Fifa 19 by TWS001
Today at 07:44:20 am

Re: Fifa 19 by TWS001
Today at 04:56:54 am

Re: Fifa 19 by Kiwi
December 12, 2018, 10:21:01 am

Re: Fifa 19 by UltimateSimmov2
December 11, 2018, 05:46:19 pm

Re: Fifa 19 by TWS001
December 11, 2018, 02:42:43 am

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General / Re: Fifa 19
« Last post by TWS001 on Today at 07:44:20 am »
Turns out the "worthless inform" I packed earlier was a Europa League Lo Celso card! Have also upgraded my Lehmann to a prime Hagi. Still have 8 packs to open.......
General / Re: Fifa 19
« Last post by TWS001 on Today at 04:56:54 am »
Rewards were once again very kind to me this morning. Packed my third icon on Fifa 19, this time untradable 88 Lehmann to go with my prime Van Nistelrooy and my long since departed 88 Shearer. The chances of this must be incredibly low. Haven't spent a penny on packs, either with coins or FIFA points! (apart from bronze packs!). This has all been earned packs and SBC's!

Also packed a few IF's, the Portuguese CM, another worthless one I can't remember, and a 7 match loan IF Kante. All this was from Division 5 rank 1.

Only opened my red Futchamps players from the weekend league, getting Donnarumma and Mata as my reds, so not too bad. Still to open the packs.

My thoughts on Lehmann are that with the uncertainty around Icon SBC's, I may as well put him in the Icon 3 upgrade that expires tomorrow and get a very cheap prime, either Zola, Hagi or Giggs. May use Lehmann for a few games tonight and see if he's as bad as Schmeichel was last year! Maybe icon keepers can stop the finesse shots from just outside the box? I wouldn't bet on it!
General / Re: Fifa 19
« Last post by Kiwi on December 12, 2018, 10:21:01 am »
Thanks Simmo ... have a good break too.
General / Re: Fifa 19
« Last post by UltimateSimmov2 on December 11, 2018, 05:46:19 pm »
GG's TWS. Gold 3 is enough. Combine that with div 5 rank 1 rewards is a decent return on a weekly basis for me.

Anyways, compliments of the season to you all. Can't wait for the 2 week break. Have a good one gents
General / Re: Fifa 19
« Last post by TWS001 on December 11, 2018, 02:42:43 am »
As my weekend shifts have finished again now, I went into Weekend League. Tried playing on Saturday but it was truly awful. Connection felt terrible and so delay so gave up at 4-3.
Tried again yesterday and connection was a lot smoother, as it always seems to be on a Sunday, but I was letting in some horrendous goals! So many random bounces and touches that you don't feel you can do anything about. In the last game I played, the opponent took my out in the penalty area for such a blatent penalty, that he stopped playing for a couple of seconds....... except it didn't even give a penalty, so he had to wake up and clear the ball. Luckily I was 2-0 up near the end so I just laughed!
Ended up 14-12, but had no mental energy left to carry on!
General / Re: Fifa 19
« Last post by UltimateSimmov2 on December 02, 2018, 07:36:22 am »
Hey guys.

Big Ron has joined the club. Truly awesome. Pain in the ass for chemistry but he's mad good

Managed to pack the 92 hazard during the Black Friday stuff. Pretty much wiped out the club to do those totw packs. Him, salah and scream schweinsteiger are the goto subs.  Just brought in Kante after packing a second varane in WL rewards.  Think I'm pretty much set for the team now till whenever. Only an icon could come in to improve, but not at 700k min for a baby version.

All in all still enjoying the game and shake off the frustrations quite easily now. It's just not worth caring too much about the game to make you mad
General / Re: Fifa 19
« Last post by TWS001 on November 27, 2018, 03:08:26 am »
Managed to complete my 30 games. Was actually a decent weekend. None of the usual lag and button delay that often plagues FIFA for me.
4-2 soon became 4-6 and it was me playing badly more than anything. Went on a six game win streak after a short lunch break but after that followed three losses and I was 10-9. Got a few more wins, one where I came back from two behind in the second half of extra time, scoring the most unbelievable, "blatently scripted" (said my opponent!) unnatural rebound goal in the 120th minute and wining the shoot out.
Got to Gold 3 at 14-11 and decided to stop. Later on though, since the games hadn't been too bad, I thought way not attempt the 3 more wins for Gold 2. Lost the first two so it didn't look good, but responded by winning the next two. So one win for Gold 2 was needed from the last game.
I scored two very quick goals against an obviously already tilted opponent. Thought he was going to quit after 7 minutes when my second goal went in, but unfortunately he didn't and I then let in a ridiculous deflection and a penalty that I still don't know why it was given. Thought that was my chances done, but managed to get a third before half time. The opponent then completely lost the plot and he ended up rage quitting at 7-2 in the 64th minute. He was obviously not happy at what had happened in previous games I guess! Mkhitaryan ended that game with 5 assists and a goal, and star of the weekend prime Van Nistelrooy 4 goals. Van Nistelrooy scored pushing 40 goals this weekend league. Love him!

Will not be playing much the next couple of days, but when it's my days off on Wednesday and Thursday, I'll be firstly making sure I can stay in Division 5 rank 2 and Thursday scoring the Rivals goals I need for the weekly objectives. Also the patch on AI defending in due so probably a make or break week for Fifa 19.

There's a lot of absolute nonsense in Fifa 19, but going pack only and the servers actually being kind this weekend for once, meant it was my most enjoyable weekend league probably ever!
General / Re: Fifa 19
« Last post by TWS001 on November 25, 2018, 10:28:44 am »
I've been full pack only since October hit. Have Wijnaldum still in one of my two main teams so really want to somehow pack that inform. Been unsuccessful from half the Bundesliga SBC's and the the flash SBCs so far.
In weekend league again and am 4-2 and have played some good stuff. The losses have been so u deserved. Think in those 6 games I have probably conceded 50% of the shots on my goal, and had well over double figure shots every time. Story of Fifa every year I guess!
24 games is unlikely tomorrow, but if I reach 11 wins fairly quickly, I'll be happy with that so that I can go again in a couple of weeks once work has calmed down!
General / Re: Fifa 19
« Last post by gladiatorrrrrr on November 25, 2018, 04:10:58 am »
Nice rewards! Didn't had time to play but picked up IF Wijnaldum, IF Depsy and UCL Van Dijk voormy Dutch team

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G960F met Tapatalk

General / Re: Fifa 19
« Last post by UltimateSimmov2 on November 23, 2018, 05:57:52 pm »
89 Salah and 87 Pjanic in WL rewards. I'll take that

Hoping for a large Ronaldo crash today. 1.8m in the bank ready and waiting
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