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General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« Last post by gladiatorrrrrr on Yesterday at 07:47:23 pm »
352, those were the days!

Theme for this week; rebuild all teams in 352 and play for a week to find out. Good call TWS!

Good to hear that it works KIWI. I stick to my current players + what I have in the club
General / Re: FIFA 18
« Last post by Kiwi on Yesterday at 07:46:39 pm »
Good one Glad. If you can enjoy a game like this, 90% of the times ... that's great!
General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« Last post by Kiwi on Yesterday at 07:46:05 pm »
Built 2x 352 teams quick - one with Neymar-Firmino upfront, Pizzi-IF D.Pereira-Carvalho as the midfield triangle and a Bundes backline. Other was simply a Serie A team with Belotti-IF El Sha and Pjanic at CAM.

Walked 3 games in Seasons - D6 if I remember correctly. Thankfully connections were great - added bonus.

Must say that the formation does feel incredibly solid! 2 of the games were against 433-4 and never felt at risk. The last game was also against someone I normally struggle against, easy 3-1 victory and way more opportunities than him.

Need to find/buy some decent players - specifically the defence. It's not easy building hybrids with this formation unless you get some OP CB's. For me it's having the right GK and right now the likes of De Gea, Neuer, Courtios are just way too dear.
General / Re: FIFA 18
« Last post by gladiatorrrrrr on Yesterday at 07:41:36 pm »
team 2 has evolved to this:

ICON Van Basten: YEAH!! In my memory he was an elegant player but in game he is a bit stiff. That was a let-down when I first used him. But my memory is probably clouded on him. He is for me like Zlatan now, that unpredictable brilliance, I think Van Nistelrooy was better as striker, more clinical. But Van Basten was...well was Van Basten. Don Marco! 10 games 14 goals. His shooting and finishing is unbelievable....
Werner: talking about German precision. 48 goals in 46 games. Enough said  :P
Good old Schurle there where you ant him to be. 10 goals in 40 games
IF Aranguiz. Underrated to say at least. 24 goals in 55 games now. The only thing you can have against him is that he is relatively small. But boy, he is so all rounded
OTW Tolisso: pulled the NIF and bought this one.
Robben: pulled! 12 goals in 56 matches but should have been far more. Missed so many chances/had so many saves against him. As if teh soruce code of the program has some anti Robben program lines  ::)

Schmelzer: solid
Sokratris: king!
Barta: better than expected.
Pisci: solid
Burki: solid

All in all a nice team.

Both my teams are working with adjusted instruction on the midfield:
LM and RM: behind lines
CM's: agressive interceptions and Aranguiz (Siggy in BPL): move forward when attacking

Gosh, I am really enjoying FIFA FUT at the moment, despite not playing online.
General / Re: FIFA 18
« Last post by gladiatorrrrrr on Yesterday at 07:29:15 pm »
Hey folks,

Long post ahead!  ;D

I have played around 120 matches (last year I played 50 for a whole year). I have played only squad battles so far (and a couple of season games). For me this is a great add-on, I don't think I have the wiliness to play online against teens anymore. But who knows. Since I haven't played so long I had trouble winning from semi-prof in the beginning  :-\ . But things have moved one and I know played the first two games on World class and the second two on Professional. So far it has been mostly enjoyable, some observations:

- there are some really nice teams builders out there. Although BPL is the dominant theme. I had for instance a squad against me with Dortmund and previous Dortmund players. Kind of Dortmund worshiping team. Clearly they were pacey but I liked the build
- bad chem teams are noticeable worse than good ones: may be because there is no RL player abusing the game-play but there is a difference. It feels like that chem is really working, at least in this game mode.
- after a couple of games in 41212 I am now playing 442 for a long period and it is killing any 433 formation so far. Lucky for me 433 is a formation that is used at least 50% of the time. I am having troubles against 343.
- charged standing tackle is fun and a good add on. It took me time to learn to defend but I am getting better at it.
- Pace is not so dominant offline.

The game can be a **** sometimes, and you can feel when the BS kicks in. But in all fairness 90% of the time it is okay. What I do appreciate it that for some reason they managed to let every team that you face play differently. No idea how they did it. In career at a certain point of time all teams feel the same. But if you take corners, there is a difference per team that you are playing.

Now as for the teams:

Jesus pulled card: AMAZING player. Really really good. 34 goals in 44 games
OTW Morate: pulled this fellow but I am not impressed with him so far. He feels clumsy. 10 out of 21 games

Son pulled card: had to get used to him but since I changed his instruction (get behind the lines)  he is more useful. 13 goals out of 45 games is pretty good in that position
OTW Siggy I was lucky that Siggy got a Hero upgrade, so his OTW has been upgraded too. Pulled the NIF and bought the OTW as I think I will be playing a long period with him. Kind of cult hero. 12 in 35 games
Fernandinho: I think I have played with him every year. All-rounded midfielder. Nice links with Silva and Jesus. 4 goals in 26 but his role in the team is to bridge all the gaps.
Silva: Still unsure about him. 5 goals in 25 games is not great. Some games he can totally be MIA.

Rose: solid
Keane: underrated CB, has all the right stats
Bailly: pulled card. More than decent for me
Aurier: pulled card:another strong fellow.
Schmeichel: pulled card: does the job

I have worked with IF locadia as super suv but I now have KLaasen on the bench. The stamina of the two midfielders can be an issue. Bringing some fresh legs does help me to get through the last 20 minutes

General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« Last post by Kiwi on Yesterday at 10:54:51 am »
and here's the answer to why i like it so much.
Still find yourself shouting "have it you cnut" when you score a 90th min winner though  :D
LOL ... indeed - :D. I wish there were more than 4 games/day though! It's not enough to replace WL completely. If they had Seasons on dedicated servers, I could easily give up the Weekend League altogether.

Still having issues with passing, must be honest. I have been pausing, to see if there's something I'm doing wrong. Honestly, I think that some of the auto passing simply hooks onto the player that I am not intending to pass to. Weird.

@TWS ... 352, sounds very interesting! One thing I do seem to struggle with, is the Neymar/Mbappe combo. You've mentioned it previously that bumping off small strikers is just too OP now. For a bunch of the last 20-odd games, I did switch to the Calc A team, with Belotti/IF El Sha up front ... found it more effective actually.

Oh ... and Belotti ... damn, that left foot is amazing. 28 gls in 32 games with 11 assists. There is a fair number in there that I've quit, but I'm not really cared about the actual. The quality of his strikes though ... :o :o.

On the one point re: quality of opponent - sure, I wouldn't be surprised if that has changed. But, I do still think there are a number of opponents where they get the rub of the green and no matter what, you're going to lose that game. That is what I despise most - EA effectively deciding things.
General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« Last post by TWS001 on Yesterday at 10:14:55 am »
Was playing pro clubs earlier and everyone of us had a solid start on weekend league and colllapsed in the second half of games. They're all better players than me and the general opinion was that they've tweaked the weekend league matchmaking this year. In FIFA 17, it was often incredibly easy in the back end of your fixtures, especially on a Sunday more often than not, but we all thought that maybe they changed things.
Also a discussion about formations and tactics led me to try the 352 after the pro clubs session. We've had talk about it in our chat the past couple of weeks, and one guy who was top ten on the those futhead leaderboards in FIFA 15, but has barely played since has started again this year. On the day of release, he was using 352 and raving about it. Had beaten Twitch streamers and Castro backed out against him so far and is possibly top 100 again whilst using it this year.

Since then have also seen rumblings on the forums about 352 and in our discussion, a couple of others have tried it and it works well if done right so chucked together a team from the Premier League using what I had in my club already. Might as well make use of the likes of Matic, Wanyama, Sanchez, Sakho and Matip, all of whom came out of rewards from last weekend.

The team ended up:

Giroud - Lacazette (loan)
Arnautovic - Phillips
Matic - Wanyama
Sanchez - Sakho - Matip

Won my first game 2-0 with both goals from Giroud, and the second game 4-0 with three for Giroud and the other by Lacazette. It felt very solid even though the opponents were playing 433(4) in the first and 41212(1) in the second. Ok, it was division 8, but the opponents both knew what they were doing, and the first one had 88 Ferdinand. There is definitely something in using this formation. It felt excellent in attack. Will stick with using this for a bit and see what happens. Also managed to maul the AI in squad battles on legendary 6-1 so attacking wise it could be very good. The typical crap style of a weekend league opponent will be the test. Wanyama and Matic were like a wall and were always available to receive the ball whilst attacking. Maybe Arnautovic and Phillips aren't ideal but I'm as ever every year, determined to find a way to at least compete with the typical cheap tactics. Last year I didn't even make the weekend league until the end of November, so plenty of time to try and figure stuff out.
The big man, little man combo worked well. Giroud holding it up and burying a few crosses shows promise for my liking of target men. Santi Cazorla also seems very good this year.
General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« Last post by TheBaldyBuddha on Yesterday at 09:16:58 am »

On another note - spent the remainder of the evening catching up on Squad Battles games. Kinda enjoyable as at least that takes out the "delinquent cnut" aspect.

and here's the answer to why i like it so much.

Still find yourself shouting "have it you cnut" when you score a 90th min winner though  :D
General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« Last post by Kiwi on Yesterday at 06:03:51 am »
Damn mate. That's bad! Unlucky on only being 1 short - but still, that just sucks.

Finished on 13 wins myself ... this was a definitely the worst there was.

One aspect that stood out for me, that I am literally speechless on, is passing. As you say, some games you have 100% pass accuracy, even though you don't deserve it. Others, you're think WTF! as a simple 10-yard basic pass balloons out wide where you lose the ball in a bad spot - either concede, or corner, and then concede.

And, this is beyond me having a mental breakdown. I wish I could have the full replay - with that training crap on - supposedly showing where I am aiming my passes.

On another note - spent the remainder of the evening catching up on Squad Battles games. Kinda enjoyable as at least that takes out the "delinquent cnut" aspect.
General / Re: FUT Champions 2018
« Last post by TWS001 on October 15, 2017, 09:13:38 pm »
What an absolute joke it was last night. Moved on to 12-10 so was looking good to auto qualify. Then lost 8 games in a row! Almost everyone I was ahead. Almost every one I had double to shots of the opponents. It was just stupid. When I managed to lose 5-4 despite having 23 shots to my opponents 6, I knew that wouldn't get 18 wins. Some of the stuff going on was so contrived. Then when I needed four wins from six games, I start winning, passes start going where I want them. But of course some utter nonsense occurs and after Begovic makes six point blank saves, your defender is unable to control the simplest ball and you concede when your keeper get nutmegged.
The amount of two goal leads I lost, mainly involving 90th minute goals, or goals straight from kick off when the opponent can pass around and your entire team acts like a bunch of idiots is simply crazy.

Ended up 17-23. Not one single game went to a penalty shoot out in the 40. It almost feels like there's something going on in the game to prevent it. Just a complete mess of a game at the moment.
It almost feels like there's times when you concede and there's not a damn thing you can do to stop it.
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