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Re: Fifa 19 by gladiatorrrrrr
October 14, 2018, 03:03:35 am

Re: Fifa 19 by gladiatorrrrrr
October 14, 2018, 03:01:32 am

Re: Fifa 19 by TWS001
October 11, 2018, 07:25:44 am

Re: Fifa 19 by Nophut
October 10, 2018, 07:33:49 pm

Re: Fifa 19 by Nophut
October 10, 2018, 04:51:54 am

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General / Re: FIFA 18
« Last post by TWS001 on September 21, 2018, 05:09:02 am »
I played on PES18 for one evening. Is was ok, but nothing to make me really want to load it up again. Packed Alaba in one of the few packs I opened, but wasn't really sure what I was doing. Think I had over 60% possession in every game. Seemed easy to keep hold of the ball in the opponents half.
Deleted it, and nothing to make me want to try PES19. It wasn't a bad game, but I just had no desire to play it again.

Still haven't pre ordered Fifa. Still 50/50 if I'll get it. Opened my packs on the web app and and best I got was an 81 rated player. Smolov. From what I've seen it's the same old tired stuff in a different skin, just as it usually is. Only this year it's following on from 18, which has been the worst game in a long time, probably worse than Fifa 13! I think 18 has killed my addiction to this game........
General / Re: FIFA 18
« Last post by gladiatorrrrrr on September 20, 2018, 03:15:31 am »
Are u playing in ps or xbox?

Another question: did you upgrade the names?

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General / Re: FIFA 18
« Last post by gladiatorrrrrr on September 20, 2018, 01:59:23 am »
Shame. Connection is less of an issue on this side of the world. It is just: will I buy two footys?

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General / Re: FIFA 18
« Last post by Kiwi on September 19, 2018, 05:14:41 am »
Glad, after a few more days, I'm convinced that PES is as close to a football sim as we'll get - it truly is fantastic game.

But ...

... that being said, for me online play is very important. Unfortunately on this side of the world, the # of opponents is limited. That, with the fact that connections are P2P and who knows where my opponent actually are, makes it a pretty bad online experience. Searching for games can take a few minutes already ... and FIFA 19 hasn't been released as yet so how will the number of online players drop.

Had a few games of unbearable lag & you can't quit a game - dropped the controller & the guy scored 12 :D
General / Re: FIFA 18
« Last post by gladiatorrrrrr on September 18, 2018, 06:32:27 am »
Thanks kiwi for this great review. Sounds like a good game. And clubs is interesting. Will probably buy it too

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General / Re: FIFA 18
« Last post by Kiwi on September 16, 2018, 07:24:52 pm »
Bought PES on Thursday and only really got into myClub on Friday.

Summary of what happened:
Between the kid and I, we spent approximately $100 buying myClub Points (let's abbreviate it to MC)
You buy Agents - some 100 MC & others 250.
Pulled "Black Ball players" - the best in the game - this was my list ... Neymar, Courtois, Bonucci, Benatia & Florenzi.
Kid got home and he opened a bunch ... his black ball players were Ederson, Alisson, Thiago Silva, Cavani ... and Messi.
Got a few youngsters too, that will become super stars (black ball players) once they gain experience - through playing matches with them, or converting other "not used" players to "EXP Trainers", and using them on the better cards ... this is a huge improvement over FUT, as you can take a De Ligt, Sessegnon, Frenkie De Jong, Aouar ... and turn them into 88+ rated players.
There was a few special players released (like IF's) for the Palmeiras vs Vasco Da Gama game. These cost 100 each and ended up doing all 6 - Got 3 really good cards (the best) and had a duplicate of the CB ... which I then turned the dupe into an EXP trainer and used him to upgrade the first one. Essentially took an 84-rated special CB, and he's now 87-rated!
Also bought a few managers (with myClub points) as they are key (play style + formation) - way more important than the simplicity of using managers in FUT.
Played co-op with the kid vs AI ... heaps of fun!!! Back to UT '16 days and very, very enjoyable. For now, the AI has been ok - one drawback is the stupid back & forth passing between fullback & winger, as the AI loves to cross. Only happened a few times - like a glitch where the AI is stuck. Only played up to Professional level too, which wasn't easy to beat.

My overall thoughts ...
The "player reveal" is sensational when compared to FUT.
There is a great balance between the In-Game and Football Management aspects.
The in-game play is actually great! None of these 7-5 games as in FUT. Game play is slow, purposeful, and you need to "play it" - way more of a football sim than the arcade game of UT. Kid downloaded the FIFA '19 Demo ... played one half - way too manic & switched it off.
It is NOT a simple transition ... even in '18 again, I could dominate Div 1 every single season when playing with the "awesome" team. I haven't won an online game in 3/4 attempts. The kid has lost a similar amount!
Of course the biggest threat is the lack of players once FUT is out. Those damn SBC's are quite addictive & some of the new Icons are certainly appealing - Cruyff would be amazing!
The other thing is that it's P2P so one of my games (losses) was laggy as hell - unplayable. Dropped the controller as there is no quit option!
But ... the reality of FUT is I would have to grind away at the game - playing the likes of Weekend League for coins & packs, consider spending heaps of time trading, or worst ... spend plenty of $$$ on it! What we have achieved in PES for that $100 (NZD = ~US$65) ... approx 8,000 FP ... is mind-blowing when comparing to FUT.

Probably a bunch of things I've missed, but overall it's really good. If you have the patience and probably prepared to play offline at times, then it'll be great. I guess the player pool will be better in Europe so you guys have the advantage there.
General / Re: FIFA 18
« Last post by TWS001 on September 14, 2018, 05:59:45 am »
I don't normally download the demo and haven't for a good few years, but downloaded it this time and played one game. It was ok, but of course I'm not reading anything into it as offline vs the AI is a million miles from an online FUT game!

Also decided to download the free PES 18 game. Played half a game on exhibition mode in that but the game is still downloading and it won't let you alter controls until the whole thing downloads so I was constantly shooting instead of crossing and hitting lobbed passes when I tried to shoot! Also had no idea what sprint was and using the FIFA button made defenders sort of jockey so will wait until later to attempt to play.
General / Re: FIFA 18
« Last post by Kiwi on September 13, 2018, 06:12:39 am »
Will probably buy today, Glad.

They linked this from the forum - http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?overall_rating=40-84&sort=overall_at_max_level - pretty great that you can build up players. Exceeds FUT massively IMO.
General / Re: FIFA 18
« Last post by gladiatorrrrrr on September 12, 2018, 03:15:35 am »
I did pre-order fifa19 for clubs. Might get PES2019 for individual play. If you buy it, tell us how it is.

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General / Re: FIFA 18
« Last post by Kiwi on September 11, 2018, 06:19:33 pm »
Well, from the info/posts that I've seen, PES is more a football sim than arcade game. Things like passing blindly, specifically one touch stuff - easy to do in FIFA - is not so easy with PES, unless you have higher vision stats (or skill/trait).

This will make things appear clunky at first, given we're so tuned into FIFA being smooth. I think some will be turned off by this, but I believe if you persist, you'll get better.

In the MyClub bit, it seems like there are pro's (easier to get better players) and of course negatives (market is non-existent). Levelling up players - taking some 64-rated player with a potential of 77-84 - seems like fun.

I may get it this weekend and see how I go. There is of course the major issue that once FIFA releases, the player pool will move over which is to be expected. However, I was planning on getting it on PS which hopefully will mean a bigger player pool regardless.
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