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You all know me by the name of Sam - will be sporting my Ian Poulter avatar as soon as I can work out how to get the link to work  ???

33 years old going on 16
1 child

Teacher to the masses (or should that read massive)

Not played Fifa or turned on my xbox since the last day of the school year - when I gave my disk away

Do I miss it?
Not massively but will reinvest in a copy of Fifa13 at some stage as I miss my free scoring Ibrahimovic !!!

Currently to be found on the virtual links playing Tiger Woods

or working out to Beyonce (oh how I wish I could inform you all I was working out with Beyonce :P)

XBL - PointedMarlin
Psn - PointedMarlin

Welcome here mate ... ;D

Better late than never  :D

welcome mate


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